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The English Literature Companion

ISBN 9780230008137
Publication Date December 2010
Formats Paperback Ebook (PDF) Ebook (EPUB) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Series Palgrave Student Companions Series

What does it mean to study English Literature? Have can you navigate and get the most from your degree? The English Literature Companion is your comprehensive introduction to, and exploration of, the discipline of English and Literary Studies. It is your advisor on key decisions, and your one-stop reference source throughout the course. It combines:

- A wide-ranging introduction to the nature, breadth and key components of the study of English Literature
- Essays by experts in the field on key topics, periods and critical approaches
- A glossary of critical terms and a chronology of literary history
- Guidance about study skills, from using your time effectively to the practical mechanics of writing essays
- Extensive signposting to wider reading and further sources of information
- Advice on key decisions taken during a degree and on subsequent career direction and further study.

Giving you the foundation and resources you need for success in English Literature, this book is essential pre-course reading and will be an invaluable reference resource throughout your degree.

JULIAN WOLFREYS is Professor of Modern Literature and Culture at Loughborough University, UK. He was previously Professor in Literature at the University of Florida, USA. His teaching and research is concerned with 19th- and 20th-century British literary and cultural studies, literary theory, the poetics and politics of identity, and the idea of the city. He is the series editor of Transitions and his publications include Introducing Literary Theories (ed.), Readings: Acts of Close Reading in Literary Theory, Critical Keywords in Literary and Cultural Theory, Thinking Otherwise: Difference and Pedagogy and Literature, in Theory: Tropes, Subjectivities, Responses and Responsibilities.

Preface: How to use the book
Literature: Fundamental Questions
Introduction; J.Wolfreys
What is Literature?; B.Overton
Why Study Literature?; K.Womack 
Your Literature Course
What to Expect from your English Course; J.Wolfreys
Typical Structure and Content; J.Wolfreys
Literature and Language; J.Wolfreys
Literature and Creative Writing; J.Cooke
Comparative Literature; D.Bremm
Getting the Most from your Course: J.Wolfreys 
Study Skills for Literature
Introduction: J.Wolfreys
Study Skills: C.Ringrose
Writing and Presentation; J.Wolfreys
Critical Studies: an Example of a Core Module; J.Wolfreys 
Old English Literature; P.Semper
Medieval Literature; D.Griffith
The Sixteenth Century; J.Fitzpatrick
The Seventeenth Century; H.Adlington
The Eighteenth Century; B.Overton
Romanticism and Gothic; I.McCormick
The Nineteenth Century and the Victorians; C.Kelley
Modernism; A.Murray 
Forms, Genres and Other Popular Modules
Tragedy; J.Wolfreys
Comedy; J.Wolfreys
The Novel; H.Wright
Poetry; B.Overton
Drama; N.Swettenham & R.J.Brocklehurst
Epic; N.Wood
Lyric; N.Wood
Satire; N.Wood
Realism; L.Phillips
Fiction; L.Phillips
Contemporary and Postmodern Fiction; A.Murray
Gender; D.Bremm
Class; N.Freeman
Colonial and Postcolonial Literature; J.Ramone
Subjectivity; M.Becker-Leckrone
Chidren's Literature; J.Bavidge
Film Studies; A.Dix
Popular Fiction; J.Baetens
American Literature; B.Jarvis & A.Dix
Contemporary Literature; J.Wolfreys
Critical Approaches
Introduction; J.Wolfreys
Formalism; M.Becker-Leckrone
Archetypal Criticism; D.Bremm
New Criticism; M.Becker-Leckrone
Bakhtin and Dialogic Criticism; K.Zbinden
Feminism; R.Robbins
Marxism; A.Murray
Structuralism; A.Murray
Psychoanalysis; B.Jarvis
Deconstruction; M-D.Dick
Postcolonialism; J.Ramone
New Historicism; C.Ringrose
Cultural Materialism; A.Murray
African American Criticism; A.Dix
Chicano/a Studies; J.Ramone
Gay Studies and Queer Theory; H.Davies
Cultural Studies; B.Jarvis
Ecocriticism; J.Bavidge
Postmodernism; A.Dix
PART IV: KEY TERMS AND CONCEPTS; R.Robbins, J.Wolfreys & K.Womack
Introduction; J.Wolfreys
Careers for English Graduates; R.Robbins
The Experience of a Degree in English; C.Bowditch
Interview, Conducted by Claire Bowditch
Conclusion; J.Wolfreys
List of Contributors

HUGH ADLINGTON Lecturer in Early Modern Literature, Birmingham University, UK
JAN BAETENS Professor, University of Leuven, Belgium
JENNY BAVIDGE Lecturer in English, University of Greenwich, UK
MEGAN BECKER-LECKRONE Associate Professor, English Department, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA 
CLAIRE BOWDITCH PhD Student, Loughborough University, UK
DORIS BREMM Lecturer, Auburn University, USA
ROBERT JOHN BROCKLEHURST Lecturer in Technical Theatre, Loughborough University, UK
JENNIFER COOKE Lecturer in English, Loughborough University, UK 
HELEN DAVIES PhD Student, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK
MARIA-DANIELLE DICK PhD Student, University of Glasgow, UK
ANDREW DIX Lecturer in American Studies, Loughborough University, UK
JOAN FITZPATRICK Lecturer in English, Loughborough University, UK
NICK FREEMAN Senior Lecturer in English, Loughborough University, UK
CAROLYN KELLEY PhD Student, University of Florida, USA
DAVID GRIFFITH Senior Lecturer in Medieval Language and Literature, University of Birmingham, UK
BRIAN JARVIS Senior Lecturer in American Literature and Film, Loughborough University, UK
IAN McCORMICK Professor in the School of Arts, University of Northampton, UK
ALEX MURRAY Lecturer in the Department of English, University of Exeter, UK
BILL OVERTON Professor of Literary Studies, Loughborough University, UK
LAWRENCE PHILLIPS Principal Lecturer in English, University of Northampton, UK
JENNI RAMONE Senior Lecturer in English, Newman University College, Birmingham, UK
CHRISTOPHER RINGROSE Principal Lecturer in English and Learning and Teaching, University of Northampton, UK
RUTH ROBBINS Associate Dean and Head of the School of Cultural Studies, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK
PHILIPPA SEMPER Lecturer in Medieval English, University of Birmingham, UK
NEAL SWETTENHAM Lecturer in Drama, Loughborough University, UK
KENNETH WOMACK Professor of English, Pennsylvania State University, Altoona, USA
NIGEL WOOD Professor of Literature, Loughborough University, UK
HELEN WRIGHT PhD Student, Loughborough University, UK
KARINE ZBINDEN Honorary Research Fellow, The Bakhtin Centre, The University of Sheffield, UK


'This is a Guide that I would recommend to beginning students, without any doubt.' - Jean-Michel Rabate, Professor of English and Comparative Literature, University of Pennsylvania, USA
'The English Literature Companion would be useful for anyone considering studying or already studying for a degree or just interested in the subject...Although made up of essays by different contributors it is easy to read and the quick reference sections of terms and events definitely support understanding.' - Claire Buckley, Assistant Librarian, The Leeds Library, Leeds, Language and Literature
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