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A History of the Baltic States

ISBN 9780230019409
Publication Date September 2010
Formats Hardcover Ebook Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave
Series Palgrave Essential Histories series

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have been the battleground for neighbouring powers and the site of intense rivalry, but also interaction, between East and West. A History of the Baltic States masterfully traces the development of these three Baltic countries, from the northern crusades against Europe's last pagans, and Lithuania's rise to become one of medieval Europe's largest
states, to their incorporation into the Russian Empire and the creation of their modern national identities.

Drawing upon the most recent scholarship, Andres Kasekamp pays particular attention to the tumultuous twentieth century, during which the Baltic States achieved independence, but also endured occupation by both the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Finally, he explores how the Baltic States recovered their statehood and transformed themselves into members of the European Union. Clearly and accessibly written, this is one of the first English-language books to provide a comparative survey of Baltic history.

  • Winner of the Baltic Assembly Prize In Literature For Science 2011

ANDRES KASEKAMP is Professor of Baltic Politics at the University of Tartu, Estonia.  He has served as the editor of Journal of Baltic Studies.  His previous publications include The Radical Right in Interwar Estonia (Palgrave Macmillan, 2000).

List of Maps
Europe's Last Pagans
Lithuania's Expansion and Medieval Livonia (1290-1560)
The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Rise of Sweden and Russia (1560-1795)
The Long Nineteenth Century Under Tsarist Rule (1795-1917)
The Short Era of Independence (1917-1939)
Between Anvil and Hammer (1939-1953)
Soviet Rule (1953-1991)
Return to the West (1991-2008)
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Winner of the Baltic Assembly Prize in Literature, 2011: http://www.baltasam.org/?DocID=928
'Kasekamp has produced a detailed but readable synthesis of the most current literature, which all scholars venturing into the field should consult as a point of departure. An educated general reading public – with some familiarity with European history – should also find this book of value, as an introduction to a strategically important region with a complex history. As a textbook, it supersedes most others, though its meticulous style and content makes it more suitable for advanced undergraduates and beyond.' – The English Historical Review
'Kasekamp's book is an innovative, comprehensive and balanced treatment of the history of all three Baltic States. Starting from the earliest times and taking the narrative up to the present day, it shows how developments in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia both diverge and intertwine. There is no better book to introduce the student to the fascinating story of the Baltic region.' – Professor James White, University of Glasgow, UK
'Required reading for all persons interested in Estonian, Latvian or Lithuanian history. Kasekamp's command of the scholarly literature is unsurpassed.' – Guntis Smidchens, Assistant Professor of Baltic Studies, University of Washington, USA
'A History of the Baltic States is an excellent publication opening the history of the eastern Baltics to the English-speaking audience. It is concise, well-written, and made with professionalism and competence.' – ERR News
'Andres Kasekamp's graceful history of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia is an excellent guide to the history of the three Baltic States.' – Russiaprofile.org
' ... an excellent up-to-date summary of the main issues and the accompanying secondary literature that will be an invaluable resource for teaching ... The book can be highly recommended as an accessible historical introduction for anyone wishing to visit the region.' – David J. Smith, University of Glasgow, Europe-Asia Studies Read an interview with the author here
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