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The Troubled Mind

A Handbook of Therapeutic Approaches to Psychological Distress

ISBN 9780230200968
Publication Date October 2010
Formats Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Series Professional Handbooks in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counsellors and psychotherapists can easily find themselves working with people whose emotional distress is rooted in more significant mental health issues.

• What do you need to know to work safely and ethically?
• In what circumstances might you need to refer on?
• How should you interpret available research and guidelines on 'what works'?
• Where does providing a safe space to experience, express and reflect on emotions fit in?

Offering a pluralistic framework that will suit counsellors and therapists across all therapeutic approaches, this clear and cogent text:

• Looks in-depth at a uniquely wide range of mental health issues including depression, anxiety, stress and bereavement, eating disorders, substance misuse, sexual and identity issues, and personality disorders.
• Provides guidance on possible therapeutic approaches and interventions.
• Pinpoints ethical and professional issues for consideration.
• Systematically uses case examples to draw out typical challenges and implications for practice.
• Explores situations where specialist referral is advised.

At once sharply structured and broad-based, The Troubled Mind is designed to work both as a textbook for trainees taking courses on assessment, psychopathology/mental health or research evidence for practice, and as a reference tool for qualified professionals looking to deepen their understanding of this complex spectrum of work.

SUSY CHURCHILL is a freelance therapist, supervisor, consultant and trainer, with wide experience in mental health settings. She has supervised in adolescent psychiatric hospitals and outpatient teams for 15 years, also in specialist addictions and eating disorder services. She was previously Programme Director for Counselling Studies at the University of Southampton, and more recently Clinical Manager of an Employee Assistance Programme.

Counselling/Psychotherapy and Mental Health Issues
Assessment and Formulation
Clients Presenting with Depression
Clients Experiencing Anxiety
Clients Experiencing Problems with Life Events/Stages
Clients Who Have Problematic Substance Abuse
Childhood or Adolescent Problems
Clients With Disturbed Eating
Clients Described as Having a Personality Disorder
Clients Showing Psychotic Features
Clients Experiencing Problems with Sexual or Gender Identity
Professional, Ethical and Legal Issues


'This thoroughly up to date, research-based book on the most typical client presenting concerns is a first class resource, guiding practitioners through all due assessment and therapeutic processes clearly and helpfully. It's hard to imagine it not being required reading on all professional counselling and psychotherapy courses.'- Colin Feltham, Emeritus Professor of Critical Counselling Studies, Sheffield Hallam University
'The book admirably succeeds in its aim of being both a textbook for trainees and a resource for professionals seeking to deepen their learning...Highly recommended.' Therapy Today
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