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Rethinking Social Work in a Global World

ISBN 9780230201354
Publication Date January 2010
Formats Paperback Ebook (PDF) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

If we are to fully understand the impact of local concerns on social work, we have to consider these in a global context. Rethinking Social Work in a Global World provides the key to better understanding. It critically examines the relationship between the global and the local in light of a range of social issues and shows how such analysis can assist in improving social work practice.

Incorporating the views of practitioners and analysing students perceptions of global issues, the authors:
■ draw on a range of theoretical disciplines and traditions, including postcolonialism, sociology, cultural studies and political science;
■ explore contemporary global issues such as the environment, new information and communications technology and the global mental health movement;
■ examine the implications of adopting global notions of citizenship for social work, in a postcolonial era; and
■ provide discussion points to ground the above ideas in a local context, to better inform everyday practice.

This timely text is essential reading for practitioners, students and academics across a range of disciplines that incorporate global concerns, including social work, social policy, social welfare and community care.

GAI HARRISON is Lecturer at the School of Social Work and Human Services, University of Queensland, Australia. Her research interests revolve around international social work, immigration, language and working with difference.
ROSE MELVILLE is Senior Lecturer at the Social Policy Unit and Honours Coordinator of the Bachelor of Social Work course at the School of Social Work and Human Services, University of Queensland, Australia. She has published widely in national and international journals on teaching, social policy and non-profit organizations.

Rethinking Social Work in a Global, Post-colonial World
The Global Economy, Poverty and Social Work
Immigration and People Movement in a Global World
Rethinking Women's Lives and Concerns at the Global/Local Interface
Mental Health: An Emerging Global Health Issue
Information and Communication Technologies and Social Work in a Global World
The Environment, Sustainable Development and Social Work
The Value of a Human Rights Perspective in Social Work
Conclusion - Ending on an Uncertain Note


"As a student of International Social Work, I would like to thank Dr. Gai Harrison and Dr. Rose Melville for writing a comprehensive, easy to read and easy to understand textbook. Rethinking Social Work in a Global World is a beautiful book and it is one that I will keep in my library and refer back to over my career as a social worker. I believe that the book covers the main topics of globalisation well and will remain current (contextually) due to the way that it is written and the wealth of knowledge that has been embedded within it. Thank you for creating a book that gives specific examples from the real world, which is of the utmost importance for students. Due to the universal context of the book, I would challenge anyone to ascertain the nationality of the authors. Thank you for a gift of writing that is clear, concise and very contemporary. I love your book. Well done!-Anne Burstinghaus, 2nd year social work student
'This book is relevant to all students of social work, practitioners -regardless of setting or type of practice, and educators. It recognises the importance of adopting global, local and historical perspectives to all aspects of social work practice. It advocates a reconsideration of some restrictions to practice and suggests that educators not only locate social work in a global milieu but consider what it is that students require to practice in such a context.' - Susan Wallace, University of Edinburgh, Practice: Social Work in Action
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