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Rugman Reviews International Business

ISBN 9780230221253
Publication Date December 2008
Formats Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave

ALAN RUGMAN draws together 100 reviews that chart the development of International Business theory in recent decades. This book is essential for all students with an interest in unpacking the history, scope and possibilities that are implicit in any discussion of international business.

ALAN RUGMAN holds the L. Leslie Waters Chair in International Business and is a Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy at Kelley School of Business, University of Indiana, USA.

Chapter I: Theory of the Multinational Enterprise
Author's introduction to Chapter I
Reviews 1-24
Chapter II: International Finance and International Economics
Author's introduction to Chapter 2
Reviews 25-41
Chapter III: Globalization and Economic Integration
Author's introduction to Chapter 3
Reviews 42-59
Chapter IV: Free Trade, NAFTA, and Competitiveness
Author's introduction to Chapter 4
Reviews 60-79
Chapter V: Regulation of Multinationals, Civil Society, and Development
Author's introduction to Chapter 5
Reviews 80-100 
Concluding Chapter


"An amazing publication. It offers an interesting incite into the thinking of one of the prominent leaders of international business education. It is very unique, well organized, and easy to use. It is worth reading and keeping."
David A. Ricks, Distinguished Professor of Management and International Business, University of Missouri, St. Louis, USA.
"This work masterfully synthesizes the extensive literature on this extremely interdisciplinary, complex, often fragmented topic. The book is enlivened by examples from all over the globe and from a worldwide industry; it serves as a comprehensive reference for academics as well as for managers who are envisaging future activities in international business."
David Walker, Professor and Senior Teaching Fellow, University of Birmingham, UK.
"This is an impressive compendium of reviews of the leading international business (IB) books from the past 25 years by one of the foremost IB scholars. Rugman's reviews are comprehensive, insightful - and most important - critical. They add value and context far beyond simple summaries and taken together, provide a guide to the most significant IB literature in the modern era."
Jonathan Doh is the Herbert G. Rammrath Chair in International Business, Director of the Center for Global Leadership, and Associate Professor of Management at the Villanova School of Business, USA.
'Alan Rugman delivers on his promise to be honest, rather than obsequious. His comments on the works of leading scholars reveal an incisive intellect which measures the value of their contributions by parallel references to his own body of work. With the benefit of 20:20 hindsight, Rugman uses these reviews to trace the evolution of economic theories of the MNE and international business.'
Lyn S. Amine, Shaughnessy Fellow in International Marketing and Professor Emerita of Marketing and International Business at Saint Louis University, USA; Distinguished Fellow of the Academy of Marketing Science
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