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Reassessing the Employment Relationship

ISBN 9780230221727
Publication Date December 2010
Formats Paperback Ebook 
Publisher Palgrave
Series Management, Work and Organisations

The employment relationship lies at the heart of work organizations. This text explores the way that this relationship, and the contexts in which it occurs, have changed over the recent period, and the implications of those changes. This book features expert contributors from organizational sociology, industrial relations and HRM.

PAUL BLYTON is Professor of Industrial Relations and Industrial Sociology at the University of Cardiff, UK.

EDMUND HEERY is Professor of Employment Relations at the University of Cardiff, UK.

PETER TURNBULL is Professor of Human Resource Management and Labour Relations at the University of Cardiff, UK.

The Critical Future of HRM Research
Personnel Economics and the Employment Relationship
New Forms of Control in Contemporary Work Organizations
Reassessing Identities in and of Organizations
Reassessing Markets and the Employment Relationship
Reassessing Governance and the Employment Relationship
Reassessing Employment Law
Bringing Employment Cack In: a Critique of Current Theorising of Inter-organizational Relations
Customer Service and Customer Service Work; E.OgbonnaWork and Non-Work Life: an Assessment
Assessing Voice
Managing Knowledge Work: Towards a Critical Understanding
The Future of Equality Agendas: the Problems of Intersectionality in Theory and Practice
The Employment Relationship in the Public Sector: Does it Retain its Distinctiveness?
Ask Not What HRM Can Do for Performance but What HRM Did to Performance
Wages and the Employment Relationship – Low Pay, High Pay and Occupational Pay
Reassessing Varieties of Capitalism: the Changing Employment Relationship in Germany and Japan
Globalization and Employment Relations
Ethics, Employment and Poverty in the Global Market Place


'Reassessing the Employment Relationship is a first-rate collection of critical, lucid and thought-provoking essays on a wide range of employment-related topics. Teachers of advanced undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses will find plenty of material for reading lists and researchers will find an abundance of well-referenced insights and arguments in this scholarly work.' - John Kelly, Professor of Industrial Relations, Birkbeck University
'Essential reading for students seeking to understanding contemporary employment relations.' - Nicholas Bacon, Professor of Human Resource Management, University of Nottingham
'Reassessing the Employment Relations provides a timely and wide-ranging assessment of the changing nature, conditions and regulation of work in an increasingly global context. The book charts the continuities and changes that increasingly shape the employment relationship and identifies searching and challenging questions for our understanding of the future of work and employment. Destined to be a classic text, it is a must read for all scholars, students and practitioners of employment relations.' - Mark Stuart, Professor of Human Resource Management and Employment Relations, University of Leeds
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