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Developments in British Politics 9

Edition 9th edition
ISBN 9780230221734
Publication Date August 2011
Formats Hardcover Ebook (PDF) Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

British politics has experienced unprecedented change in recent years. The Conservative–Liberal Democrat coalition that emerged from the 2010 general election represented a marked departure from the single-party majorities Britain is accustomed to. And in the wake of the global economic crisis, the country now faces a new era of austerity. Cuts in public spending, together with the coalition's plans for a radical overhaul of public services, are likely to have profound political and social implications.

For over 25 years, Developments in British Politics volumes have established an unrivalled reputation for accessible state-of-the-art coverage incorporating the latest research. Developments in British Politics 9 continues that tradition but with an entirely new set of specially commissioned chapters in which expert authors provide systematic and wide-ranging analysis of key trends, issues and debates.

RICHARD HEFFERNAN Reader in Government, The Open University, UK.

PHILIP COWLEY Professor of Parliamentary Government, University of Nottingham, UK.

COLIN HAY Professor of Political Analysis, University of Sheffield, UK.

Introduction: A Landscape Without a Map? British Politics after 2010 - PHILIP COWLEY, COLIN HAY AND RICHARD HEFFERNAN
Constitutional Politics  - MEG RUSSELL
Changing Patterns of Executive Governance - DAVID RICHARDS
Changing Parliamentary Landscapes - ALEXANDER KELSO
Elections and Voting  - DAVID DENVER
Political Parties and the British Party System  - PHILIP COWLEY
Territorial Politics in the Post-Devolution United Kingdom - ROGER SCULLY AND RICHARD WYN JONES
Power Sharing in Northern Ireland - CATHY GORMLEY-HEENAN
Anti-Politics in Britain - GERRY STOKER
Pressure Group Politics - RICHARD HEFFERNAN
The Politics of Diversity - ROSIE CAMPBELL
The Changing New Media Environment - ANDREW CHADWICK AND JAMES STANYER
Britain and the Global Financial Crisis: The Return of Boom and Bust - COLIN HAY
Britain's Place in the European Union - LORI THORLAKSON
Security and Surveillance in Britain - RICHARD ALDRICH
Britain in the World - ANDREW GAMBLE

RICHARD J. ALDRIDGE Professor of International Security, Warwick University
ROSIE CAMPBELL Senior Lecturer in Politics, Birbeck University
ANDREW CHADWICK Professor of Political Science, University of London
PHILIP COWLEY Professor of Parliamentary Government, University of Nottingham 
DAVID DENVER Emeritus Professor of Politics, Lancaster University
ANTHONY FIELD Research Fellow, University of Warwick
ANDREW GAMBLE Professor of Politics, University of Cambridge
CATHY GORMLEY-HEENAN Senior Lecturer, University of Ulster
COLIN HAY Professor of Political Analysis, University of Sheffield
RICHARD HEFFERNAN Reader in Government, Open University and Visiting Professor, University of Notre Dame
ALEXANDRA KELSO Lecturer in Politics, University of Southampton
DAVID RICHARDS Professor of Politics, University of Sheffield
MEG RUSSELL Reader in British and Comparative Politics, University College London
ROGER SCULLY Professor of Political Science, Abersythwyth University
JAMES STANYER Senior Lecturer in Communication and Media Studies, Loughborough University
GERRY STOKER Professor of Politics and Governance, University of Southampton
LORI THOLAKSON Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Alberta
RICHARD WYN JONES Professor of Welsh Politics, Cardiff University



'A unique and invaluable contribution to the field and a superb teaching tool - just like its predecessors! Providing uniformly up-to-date and sharply focused presentations of a broad range of topics, its judicious blend of fact, analysis and interpretation is sure to generate lively and stimulating discussions.' - James Alt, Harvard University
'This series just goes from strength to strength. The latest edition is particularly strong on the changing institutional, social and cultural landscapes of British politics.' - Michael Moran, University of Manchester
'A vital and illuminating book that should be read by anyone interested in the death of new Labour, the unfolding drama of the coalition and the extraordinary context in which it was formed' - Steve Richards, chief political commentator for The Independent
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