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Equality, Inequalities and Diversity

Contemporary Challenges and Strategies

ISBN 9780230231078
Publication Date December 2010
Formats Paperback Ebook 
Publisher Palgrave
Series Management, Work and Organisations

Equality, Inequalities and Diversity offers an authoritative critical analysis of equality, inequality and diversity in organizations. Using international examples it explores contemporary concepts and debates based on original research in a number of fields and sectors, an ideal course companion for anyone studying diversity.

GERALDINE HEALY is Professor of Employment Relations at Queen Mary, University of London, UK. 
GILL KIRTON is Professor of HRM and Employment Relations at Queen Mary, University of London, UK.
MIKE NOON is Professor of Human Resource Management at Queen Mary, University of London, UK.

1. Inequalities, intersectionality and equality and diversity initiatives: the conundrums and challenges of researching equality, inequalities and diversity; Geraldine Healy, Gill Kirton & Mike Noon 
2. The social construction of diversity, equality and inclusion; an exploration of academic and public discourses; Cliff Oswick 
3. Linguistic diversity in the UK and Ireland Does the meaning of equality get lost in translation?; Luke McDonagh 
4. Navigating multi-layered uncertainty: EU member state and organizational perspectives on positive action Lizzie Barmes 
5. Ethnic and religious diversity in Britain: where are we going?; Prakash Shah 
6. Tax law as an instrument of workplace diversity; Ann Mumford 
7. Criminalising and prosecuting disability hate crime; Peter Aldridge 
8. Resources and Constraints of Diversity and Equality Officers: Theoretical and Practitioner Reflections; Ahu Tatli and Sanchia Alasia
 9. Flexibility and Equality: Friend or Foe?; Hazel Conley 
10. Gender, ethnicity and migration in Black women's businesses start-up resourcing; Cynthia Forson 
11. The use of quotas in the most equal of the regions – politics and corporate boards in Scandinavian countries; Cathrine Seierstad 
12. Relevance of US and UK national histories in the understanding of racism and inequality in work and career; Franklin Oikelome 
13. The Labour market context and its effect on women's participation in independent business and professional networks – a comparative study of Germany and UK; Nicole Avdelidou-Fischer
14. Exploring the intersections of gender, sexuality and class in the transport and construction industries; Tessa Wright 
15. Work-life balance: attitudes and expectations of young black and minority ethnic graduates; Gill Kirton
16. What shapes the careers of young black and minority ethnic people; Geraldine Healy and Harriet Bradley.



Equality, Inequality and Diversity, reframes equality and diversity at work through the lenses of intersectionality and change. The text highlights the usefulness of injecting a critical perspective to diversity scholarship, which often focuses on instrumental expectations of business and management leaders. Across a collection of 16 chapters from leading scholars, readers can appreciate the broad spectrum of perspectives and issues that diversity and equality work has come to embrace.' - Mustafa Ozbilgin, Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management, Brunel Business School, UK
'A series of compelling analyses of equality and diversity issues with a range of contemporary themes. The book will captivate and enthral scholars, students and policy-makers alike.' - Professor Emmanuel Ogbonna, Chair in Management & Organizational Behaviour Cardiff Business School, U
K'This truly excellent book is both inspiring and thought-provoking.' - Industrial Relations Journal 43:4, 373-374
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