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Language and Style

ISBN 9780230231566
Publication Date September 2010
Formats Hardcover Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave

Inspired by Exploring the Language of Poems, Plays and Prose, Mick Short's classic introduction to stylistics, Language and Style represents the state-of-the-art in literary stylistics and encompasses the full breadth of current research in the discipline. Written by leading scholars in the field, chapters cover a variety of methodological and analytical approaches, from traditional qualitative analysis to more recent developments in cognitive and corpus stylistics.

Addressing the three, key literary genres of poetry, drama and narrative, Language and Style is divided into carefully balanced sections. Based on original research, each chapter demonstrates a particular analytic technique and explains how this might be applied to a text from one of the literary genres. Framed by helpful introductory material covering the foundational principles of stylistics, the chapters act as practical exemplars of how to carry out stylistic analysis.

Comprehensive and engaging, this invaluable resource is essential reading for anyone interested in stylistics.

DAN McINTYRE is Senior Lecturer in English Language at the University of Huddersfield, UK. His research interests are in literary and non-literary stylistics, corpus linguistics, and the history of the English language. He has published numerous articles on a range of international journals including Language and Literature, ICAME Journal, Style, Journal of Literary Semantics and the International Journal of Corpus Linguistics. He is the author of Point of View in Plays (John Benjamins, 2006) and History of English: A Resource Book for Students (Routledge, 2008). He is currently working (with Leslie Jeffries) on a book on stylistics for Cambridge University Press.
BEATRIX BUSSE is an Assistant Professor and teaches English Linguistics at the Anglistisches Seminar at Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Germany. She studied English and History at Osnabrueck and Keele(UK) and was a visiting researcher in Birmingham (UK), Stratford (UK), and Lancaster (UK). She has been a visiting fellow of the British Academy (2007).  Her scholarly interests include the History of English, (historical pragmatics), Systemic-Functional Grammmar, Shakespeare Studies, stylistics, narratology, ecolinguistics, as well as e-learning and e-teaching.  She has published articles in a range of international journals, such as Language and Literature, Journal of Historical Pragmatics and Journal of Literary Semantics. Her doctoral dissertation is an investigation of Vocactive Constructions in the Language of Shakespeare and was published with Benjamins in 2006. One of her current research projects, in which she is cooperating with Prof. Mick Short from Lancaster University (UK) is on speech, writing and thought presentation in 19th century English texts. 

Introduction; D.McIntyre & B.Busse
Analysing Literature Through Language; G.Leech
Recent Trends in New Historical Stylistics; B.Busse
Methodologies for Stylistic Analysis: Practices and Pedagogies; R.Carter
The Stylistics of Poetry: Walter de la Mare's 'The Listeners'; K.Wales
Foregrounding; W.van Peer
A Cognitive Stylistic Reading of Rhetorical Patterns in Ted Hughes's 'Hawk Roosting'; P.Verdonk
'The Unprofessionals': Syntactic Iconicity and Reader Interpretation in Contemporary Poems; L.Jeffries
Text Worlds in Poetry; E.Semino
Public House Confidence: The Indispensability of Sound Patterns; T.Barney
The Stylistics of Drama: Universal Elements; M.Munkelt
Dialogue and Characterisation in Quentin Tarantino's 'Reservoir Dogs': A Corpus Stylistic Analysis; D.McIntyre
'See Better, Lear?' See Lear Better! A Corpus-Based Pragma-Stylistic Investigation of Shakespeare's King Lear; D.Bousfield & D.Archer
Activity Types, Incongruity and Humour in Dramatic Discourse; D.McIntyre & J.Culpepper
The Stylistics of Narrative Fiction; D.Shen
Authorial Style; D.Hoover
2D and 3D Visualization of Stance in Popular Fiction; L.L.Opas-Hänninen & T.Seppänen
Point of View; P.Simpson
The Intrinsic Importance of Sentence-Type and Clause-Type to Narrative Effect: Or, How Alice Munro's 'Circle of Prayer' Gets Started; M.Toolan
Detective Fiction, Plot Construction and Reader Manipulation: Rhetorical Control and Cognitive Misdirection in Agatha Christie's 'Sparkling Cyanide'; C.Emmott & M.Alexander
Narration and Metaphor; M.Fludernik
Wmatrix, Key-Concepts and the Narrators in Julian Barnes' 'Talking it Over'; B.Walker
Writing Presentation, The Epistolary Novel and Free Indirect Thought; J.Bray
'Appeased By The Certitude': The Quiet Disintegration of the Paranoid Mind in 'The Mustache'; J.Gavins
The Eleventh Checksheet of the Apocalypse; P.Stockwell
Multimodality: Extending the Stylistic Toolkit; N.Norgaard
Corpus Approaches to Narrative Fiction; M.Mahlberg
Stylistics, Linguistics and Literature: A Short Afterword; G.Hall


This book will be widely used both as a reference work and as a textbook in university courses. It provides students and researchers with one of the most comprehensive introductions to the field of stylistics, describing the goals and methods of stylistics as applied to poetry, drama, and fiction' - Professor Douglas Biber, Northern Arizona University
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