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Understanding Addiction Behaviours

Theoretical and Clinical Practice in Health and Social Care

ISBN 9780230240193
Publication Date August 2011
Formats Paperback Ebook 
Publisher Palgrave

Understanding addiction has never been more important, as many
professionals, from counsellors and nurses, to social workers and health
psychologists, encounter addictive behaviour on a daily basis.

Looking at addiction in all of its forms, this multi-disciplinary book provides
a comprehensive introduction to the substances and the activities which
can lead to excessive and addictive behaviour. It discusses pharmacological
addictions, including both legal and illegal substances. It also covers nonpharmacological
dependencies (such as internet addiction, eating disorders,
gambling and sexual addiction) which, despite their prevalence, are often
absent from the literature on addiction.

Drawing on the field's broad evidence base, the book features:

? coverage of eleven types of addictive substances and activities, outlining
signs, symptoms, adverse consequences and assessment and intervention
strategies for each;

? a range of engaging reflective activities and case studies to link theoretical
discussion directly to practice;

? analysis of the broader context of addiction, including dual diagnosis and
harm reduction, and issues relating to diversity and service provision.

Offering a rigorous introduction to the full spectrum of addictive behaviour,
this book is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the nature
of addiction for contemporary practice.

G.HUSSEIN RASSOOL Director of Inter Cultural Therapy Centre, Mauritius (Counselling & Psychotherapy) and Independent Consultant in Addiction and Mental Health for the Mauritius Institute of Health, UNAIDS, National Aids Secretariat. He is also a Visiting Professor of Addiction & Mental Health at the Universidade de Sao Paulo, and the Universidade de Minas Gerais, Brazil. He has over 40 years of experience in psychology, mental health, addiction behaviours and substance misuse fields with relevant national and international experience as a clinical and academic consultant. He is author a number of books on addiction, dual diagnosis and has published many papers and reviews on alcohol and drug misuse. He has also served on various national and international peer-reviewed journals and has published many papers and reviews on addition and mental health. 

PART I ADDICTION AND SOCIETY.- Introduction.- Addiction and Society.- Perspectives on Addiction.- PART II PHARMACOLOGICAL AND NON-PHARMACOLOGICAL ADDICTIONS.- Alcohol.- Opiates.- Psychostimulants.- Cannabis.- Hallucinogens & Other Psychoactive Substances.- Synthetic Drugs: Smart or Eco Drugs & Spice.- Tobacco and Nicotine.- Eating Disorders.- Gambling Addiction.- Internet Addiction.- Sexual Addiction.- PART III ADDICTION IN CONTEXT.- Dual Diagnosis: Addiction & Psychiatric Disorders.- Addiction & Harm Reduction.- Special Needs & Diversity.- Service Provisions & Interventions.


'This book has been a pleasure to read and is one of the most concise substance use/addiction text books I have read in some time.Itis a comprehensive snap shot of the fast changing context of addiction and substance use. The style is fresh and lucid and deals with the contemporary issues practitioners face within the community. This book is a must read for all health and social care students contemplating working in the field of addiction and substance use.' - Darren Hill, Senior Lecturer in Social Workand Substance Use, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK
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