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Postmodern Narrative Theory

Edition 2nd Edition
ISBN 9780230249356
Publication Date December 2010
Formats Hardcover Ebook Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave
Series Transitions

How have developments in literary and cultural theory transformed our understanding of narrative? What has happened to narrative in the wake of poststructuralism? What is the role and function of narrative in the contemporary world?

In this revised, updated and expanded new edition of an established text, Mark Currie explores these central questions and guides students through the complex theories that have shaped the study of narrative in recent decades. Postmodern Narrative Theory, Second Edition:
• establishes direct links between the workings of fictional narratives and those of the non-fictional world
• charts the transition in narrative theory from its formalist beginnings, through deconstruction, towards its current concerns with the social, cultural and cognitive uses of narrative
• explores the relationship between postmodern narrative and postmodern theory more closely
• presents detailed illustrative readings of known literary texts such as Stevenson's Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Conrad's Heart of Darkness, and now features a new chapter on Coetzee's Elizabeth Costello and Slow Man.

Approachable and stimulating, this is an essential introduction for anyone studying postmodernism, the theory of narrative or contemporary fiction.

MARK CURRIE is Professor of Contemporary Literature at Queen Mary, University of London, UK. He is the author of Difference (Routledge, 2004) and About Time: Narrative Fiction and the Philosophy of Time (Edinburgh University Press, 2007). He has also published numerous articles on literary theory, narratology and contemporary fiction.

General Editor's Preface
List of Abbreviations
The Manufacture of Identities
Theoretical Fiction
Narrative, Politics and History
Culture and Schizophrenia
True Lies: Unreliable Identities in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
The Dark Clouds of Enlightenment: Socio-narratology and Heart of Darkness
Postmodern Narrative Theory Reading Postmodern Narrative: Coetzee's Elizabeth Costello and Slow Man
Annotated Bibliography


Review for the first edition:
'Mark Currie's Postmodern Narrative Theory is a highly intelligent study, covering all the relevant theoretical issues skilfully and clearly. It will be of value not only to readers who share, or are prepared to share, Currie's general attitudes to the topic, but also to those who are sceptical as to their validity.' - Sir Frank Kermode, Cambridge University, UK
Review for the second edition:
'The new edition of Postmodern Narrative Theory stands out from its competitors because of its concision, clarity, and refreshingly lively style. Mark Currie achieves this while also presenting a highly nuanced and sophisticated account of this increasingly important field of study.' - Dr Brendan Stone, University of Sheffield, UK
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