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Africa since Independence

Edition 2nd Edition
ISBN 9780230272873
Publication Date July 2012
Formats Hardcover Ebook Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave

A genuinely comparative study of the different trajectories and experiences of independent African states. This expanded, revised and updated new edition of an established text now includes the latest scholarship and features more on issues such as AIDS, urbanisation, South Sudan, questions of citizenship and the importance of transnational spaces.

PAUL NUGENT Professor of Comparative African History and Director of the Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh, UK. He was formerly Chairman of the African Borderlands Research Network.

List of Maps and Tables
Map 1 Africa showing dates of independence
Introduction: The Basis of Comparison
African Independence: Poisoned Chalice or Cup of Plenty?
A Profile of Africa at Independence
The Shape of Things to Come: Irredentism, Secessionism and the Pan-African Ideals
Modernity and Tradition, Power and Prestige: Monarchs, Chiefs and Politicians, 1956-74
'Ism Schisms': African Socialism and Home-Grown Capitalism, 1960-85
Khaki Fatigue: Military Rule in Africa, 1960-95
Second Liberation: Guerrilla Warfare, Township, Revolt and the Search for a New Social Order
Invasion of the Acronyms: SAPs, AIDS and the NGO Takeover
Democracy Rediscovered: Popular Protest, Elite Mobilisation and the Return of Multipartyism, 1990-2011
Millennial Africa: The National Question Revisited


This is an exceptional work, applying an expert analysis of sub-Saharan Africa and providing the reader with a comparative history of the continent since independence. It is clearly the best single-volume on Africa's modern history in existence.' - Ian Taylor, University of St Andrews, UK
'It is no small feat to tackle such a broadly defined project, and I believe Nugent is successful in covering a significant amount of material in ways that simultaneously connect the information and highlight specific case studies.' - Andrea Arrington, University of Arkansas, USA
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