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A History of Denmark

Edition 2nd Edition
ISBN 9780230273412
Publication Date August 2011
Formats Hardcover Ebook Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave
Series Palgrave Essential Histories series

The history of modern Denmark is essentially the story of how a once extensive and diverse empire slowly fragmented under the changing circumstances of the times.
In this introductory guide, Knud J. V. Jespersen traces the process of disintegration and reduction which helped to form the modern Danish state, and the historical roots of Denmark's international position. Beginning with the Reformation in the sixteenth century, Jespersen explains how the Denmark of today was shaped by wars, territorial losses, domestic upheavals, new methods of production, and changes in thought.

Thoroughly revised and updated in light of the most recent research, this second edition includes new discussions of the Danish Enlightenment, Denmark's role in World War II, the Cartoon Crisis of 2006 and current NATO debates, bringing the diverse and turbulent history of the country right up to the present day.

KNUD J.V. JESPERSEN is Professor of Modern History at the University of Southern Denmark and Royal Historiographer to H.M. the Queen of Denmark.

Maps of Denmark
Introduction: What is Denmark and Who are the Danes?
Foreign and Security Policy: From Gatekeeper of the Baltic to a Midget State
Domestic Policy, 1500-1848: The Era of Aristocracy and Absolutism
Domestic Policy, 1848-2000: Democracy and the Welfare State
The Church and Culture from Luther to Postmodernism
Economic Conditions: The Old Denmark, 1500-1800
Economic Conditions: The New Denmark, 1800-2010
The Danes: A Tribe or a Nation?
Select Bibliography
A Short Chronology


Praise for the first edition: 'An eminently approachable and readable introduction to Danish history.' - Thomas Munck, University of Glasgow, Scotland
Praise for the new edition:
'This new, updated, edition of A History of Denmark continues to be a very useful text for students of Danish history.' -Karl-Erik Frandsen, Lecturer in History, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
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