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Dimensions of Vocabulary Knowledge

ISBN 9780230275720
Publication Date December 2013
Formats Hardcover Ebook Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave

This volume defines vocabulary knowledge in each of the areas identified in Nation's framework of 'what is involved in knowing a word', and presents some of the latest exemplary research in these areas. It also explores how learners handle what they know, or partly know, in foreign language vocabulary, and how they activate this information.

James Milton is Professor of Applied Linguistics at Swansea University UK. A long-term interest in measuring lexical breadth and establishing normative data for learning and progress has led to extensive publications including Modelling and Assessing Vocabulary Knowledge (CUP, 2007, with Michael Daller and Jeanine Treffers-Daller) and Measuring Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition (Multilingual Matters, 2009).

Tess Fitzpatrick is Professor of Applied Linguistics at Cardiff University, UK. Her research interests include vocabulary acquisition, storage and retrieval, with a focus on word association studies and vocabulary measurement tools. An experienced EFL teacher, she has also worked on projects exploring extreme language-learning methodologies. Her publications include Lexical Processing in Second Language Learners (Multilingual Matters, 2009, co-editor Andy Barfield).

1. Introduction: Deconstructing Vocabulary Knowledge; James Milton and Tess Fitzpatrick
2. Knowledge of Spoken Form; James Milton, Thoma? Alexiou and Marina Mattheoudakis
3. Knowledge of Written Form; Imma Miralpeix and Paul Meara
4. Knowledge of Word Parts; Katja Mantyla and Ari Huhta
5. Knowledge of Form and Meaning; María Pilar Agustín Llach and Soraya Moreno Espinosa
6. Knowledge of Concepts and Referents; Parto Pajoohesh
7. Knowledge of Word Association; Tess Fitzpatrick and Ian Munby
8. Knowledge of Grammatical Use; Jeanine Treffers-Daller and Vivienne Rogers
9. Knowledge of Collocations; Dale Brown
10. Knowledge of Constraints on Use; Clarissa Wilks
11. Confidence in Word Knowledge; Jim Ronald and Tadamitsu Kamimoto
12. Conclusion: Reconstructing Vocabulary Knowledge; Tess Fitzpatrick and James Milton


Strong in promoting original and innovative methodological approaches for the study ofvocabulary, this volume is exemplary in expanding on Richards's and Nation's framework for vocabulary acquisition research' - Victo M. Servin and Marco Shappeck, University of North Texas-Dallas, USA
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