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Culture and the Media

ISBN 9780230277120
Publication Date January 2013
Formats Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave
Series Key Concerns in Media Studies

Culture and the Media looks at the relationship between what we term 'media' and 'culture', asking the question: where does one end and the other begin? Written in a lively and accessible style, this book introduces and contextualises the range of different approaches to the study of both of these fields.

Using a lively range of examples and case studies - including moral panics in the British media around punk rock in the 1970s, critiques of consumerism in the films Fight Club and American Psycho, and the YouTube-captured 'violence' of protests against student fees – Culture and the Media shows how theoretical and disciplinary debates over the meaning of the media and culture relate to our everyday cultural experiences.

PAUL BOWMAN teaches media and cultural studies at Cardiff University. His other books include: Interrogating Cultural Studies (2003), The Truth of Žižek (2006), Post-Marxism versus Cultural Studies (2007), Deconstructing Popular Culture (2008), Theorizing Bruce Lee (2010), The Rey Chow Reader (2010), Reading Rancière (2011), and Beyond Bruce Lee (2013).

Key Concerns in Media Studies
Series Editor: Andrew Crissell

PAUL BOWMAN is Senior Lecturer in Cultural Studies at Cardiff University, UK. His previous books include Deconstructing Popular Culture, Interrogating Cultural Studies, Post-Marxism versus Cultural Studies and The Truth of Žižek.

Chapter 1: Culture is (not) the Media 'Culture and the Media?' What and the What? Familiar Impossible Terms Discourse The Extremities of Culture (Un)Popular Culture Barbarian, Philistine and Popular Culture Culture versus the Media Culture as Media The Disagreement of Culture
Chapter 2: Media is (not) the Culture Media (and) Messages Interconnectedness, V.1 Interconnectedness V.2 Interconnectedness V2.1 (Supplement) Shop Around Media and Cultural Agency Interconnectedness V3: Disconnectedness
Chapter 3: Media Representation and its Cultural Consequences Editing Culture: From trivia to tradition Mediatized Ideas, Mediatized Bodies Mediatized Politics Violent Demonstration: A Mediatized Logic Demonstrations of Violence Playing War Games
Chapter 4: Filming Culture Post-Cinematic Effects Classic Cinematic Effects Media Culture and Coercive Mimeticism
Conclusion: The Tangled Web.<


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