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New Technologies and the Media

ISBN 9780230282216
Publication Date May 2012
Formats Paperback Ebook 
Publisher Palgrave
Series Key Concerns in Media Studies

Explaining the key theories of technology and media, this book cuts through the jargon and tech-speak to provide a guide to the dynamics of digital technologies. Combining a keen sense of media history as well as up-to-the-minute case studies, the author discusses how technology is at the heart of enduring media such as the press and broadcasting.

GERARD GOGGIN is Professor of Media and Communications, University of Sydney, Australia. His research includes major projects on mobile phone culture, youth and mobile media, the history of the Internet, distribution of film and audiovisual material across traditional, online, and mobile media, as well as disability and digital technology. Hie is the author of a number of books including Digital Disability (2003), Cell Phone Culture (2006), Internationalizing Internet Studies (2009) and Global Mobile Media (2011).

Technology Criticism
What's News: The Press and New Technologies
Broadcasting Media and the Social Turn
Facing Technology: Technology in Professions & Institutions
New Media Concerns


The breathtaking speed with which new media technologies enter and affect our lives has left us both bewildered and excited, whether we encounter them as workers or audiences. Gerard Goggin helps us navigate this complex terrain in a book that is timely, smart, comprehensive, and pointed.' - Toby Miller, co-author of Greening the Media
'Some thinkers wonder whether new media make us stupid. Gerard Goggin doesn't think so, and proves it in this smart book. Goggin is a refreshingly sane guide to the perpetually troublesome topic of digital technologies. His critical framing, historical sense, and knack for juicy examples plucked from around the globe cut through the fog of hype that clings to this subject. Amid so much commotion, Goggin retains his moral and human compass, understanding that no matter how mysterious technologies are, they always depend upon even more mysterious creatures, human beings.' - John Durham Peters, University of Iowa, USA
'This book is essential reading for anyone interested in the dramatic impact of new technologies on the media. Avoiding the usual hype and polarized positions, Goggin provides a coherent and accessible account of the way digital devices are reshaping the press and broadcasting, and why we should care.' - Judy Wajcman, London School of Economics, UK
' New Technologies and the Media is something of a breath of fresh air in the closed room of new media studies, making use of a strong sense of media history as a means of carefully sorting out the myths from the realities in contemporary accounts of media transformation. This is a useful and much-needed book.' - Graeme Turner, University of Queensland
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