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Communicating Across Cultures at Work

Edition 3rd Edition
ISBN 9780230283695
Publication Date June 2011
Formats Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave

Examines intercultural communication in the workplace. Firmly grounded in theory, it offers practical suggestions on how people can develop cultural awareness and communication skills to enable greater understanding and appreciation of those from different backgrounds. Fully updated with the latest research, this makes an ideal core text.

MAUREEN GUIRDHAM formerly Director of the MBA Programme at City University and Head of the Business School at Westminster University, UK. In recent years, she has worked extensively in central Europe, central Asia, India and Southern Africa.

Communicating and Diversity at Work
List of Tables and Figures
Cultural Differences at Work
Culture and Communication
How Culture Affects Behaviour
Barriers to Intercultural Communication
Communicating Interculturally
Skills for Working Abroad
Culture, Communication and Work Activities
International Intercultural Communication
Appendix: Scoring and Interpretation of Questionnaires
Further Reading


Endorsments for the2nd edition 'An outstanding text that provides readers with a valuable insight into the complexities of intercultural communication at work. The text has been thoroughly researched and the author is to be congratulated for adopting a genuinely international perspective on the central issues. Its clear focus, wide-ranging content and realism will appeal to academics and practitioners alike.' - Dr Christopher Rees C Psychol, Institute for Development Policy and Management, University of Manchester, UK'An excellent introduction to the challenge of communicating across cultures. Maureen Guirdham has somehow provided both a practical guide and a rigorous academic text in one volume.' - Tony Buon, Lecturer, Aberdeen Business School, The Robert Gordon University, UK'An impressive book - intercultural communication is considered from a range of supplementary perspectives, and in this respect it is easily the best researched textbook on the market. With its refreshing attention to European subcultures as well as more recognizable dominant world cultures, it considers interculturality both as in-house diversity and globalisation. It pays attention to communicative tasks not normally handled in the same volume, such as sensitivity to guest roles abroad and the handling of group work and conflict in daily work.' - Professor Anne Marie Bülow-Møller, Centre for Communication Studies, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark'...a wealth of information and a broad perspective on cross cultural communication. The inclusion of ethics, teams and leadership and very useful questions and exercises are to be particularly welcomed.' - Roberta Wiig Berg, Associate Professor, The Norwegian School of Management BI, NorwayEndorsements for the 3rd Edition 'This is an impressively thorough update of an already excellent textbook. It provides a practical but unfailingly well-researched overview of the major areas of intercultural and multicultural business communication, in such a way that students get acquainted with the discussions that underlie the resulting guidelines. This makes it a very useful course book for organizational communication in an age of globalization.' - Professor Anne Marie Bülow, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark'This book is a valuable resource for students on an undergraduate or postgraduate business or management degree programme which includes the study of culture and communication in the context of work and/or intercultural communication in the workplace. It is particularly useful for students planning to do an international work or study placement as part of their degree programme or those intending to work in organisations that operate across the globe. As the book is thoroughly grounded in research, it is also suitable for research purposes. The up-to-date, real world examples included throughout the book, together with the questions and exercises at the end of each chapter, make the book an appropriate course book for all levels of study at university.' - Claire Richardson, Aston Business School, UK
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