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Social Work with Children and Families

ISBN 9780230293854
Publication Date April 2012
Formats Paperback Ebook 
Publisher Palgrave

Social workers are constantly making decisions under pressure. How do policy, law, research and theory influence what they do? This important book provides the answers with a crystal-clear map of the field of social work with children and families.

Focused on four major themes - family support work, child protection, adoption and fostering, residential child care – the book brings together expert commentators to:
? Outline the policy background;
? Summarize the relevant law;
? Describe the key theories;
? Highlight the research findings.

A wealth of real life case studies reveal, in detail, the challenges that social workers face every day. Through a series of questions, readers are invited to join in the process of 'Making connexions' between different elements of social work knowledge and practice.

Edited by the highly respected Martin Davies, this authoritative and illuminating book argues that the skill of the social worker can have life-enhancing consequences for some of the most vulnerable people in society. It is an essential investment for students, educators and practitioners alike.

Martin Davies is Professor Emeritus at the University of East Anglia, UK, where he was the founding Director of the Graduate Programme in Social Work. He is the author of seven books and more than a hundred scholarly papers. He is editor of The Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Social Work and The Blackwell Companion to Social Work, now in its third edition. His text, The Essential Social Worker, also in its third edition, was based on the UEA course on social work in society, which he taught for twenty years. His most recent authored text, Doing a Successful Research Project, has sold over 8,500 copies since publication in 2007.

Preface.- Acknowledgements.- Introduction.- PART I: SOCIAL WORK AND THE PROVISION OF FAMILY SUPPORT.- Introduction; N.Frost.- Family Support: Policies for Practice; K.Morris.- The Legal Foundations of Family Support Work; L.Jordan.- The Theoretical Foundations of Family Support Work; N.Frost & P.Dolan.- What Research Findings Tell Social Workers about Family Support; A.McLeod.- Family Support Work in Practice; J.McCormack.- PART II: SOCIAL WORK AND CHILD PROTECTION.- Introduction; J.Smeeton.- Social Policy and Child Protection: Using the Heart and the Head: M.Little; D.Jodrell & S.Karakurt.- Legal Perspectives on Social Work in Child Protection; C.Ball.- The Place that Theory Plays in Child Protection Social Work; S.Hackett.- The Challenging Nature of Research in Child Protection; H.Sneddon.- Child Protection Social Work in Practice; J.Smeeton.- PART III: SOCIAL WORK IN THE FIELD OF ADOPTION AND FOSTERING.- Introduction; C.Jones.- Adoption: From the Preservation of the Moral Order to the Needs of the Child; J.Simmonds.- Legal Perspectives on Social Work in Adoption and Fostering; C.Ball.- Two Theoretical Fields Relevant to the Practice of Social Work in Adoption and Fostering; C.Jones.- Milestones in Adoption and Fostering Research; G.Clapton.- Adoption and Fostering in Practice; S.Holland & C.Love.- PART IV: RESIDENTIAL CHILD CARE.- Introduction; A.Kendrick.- Residential Child Care Policy; J.Stanley.- Residential Child Care: The Legal Foundations and Requirements; R.Sen.- Theory in Residential Child Care; M.Smith.- What Research Tells Us about Residential Child Care Practice; A.Kendrick.- Residential Child Care in Practice; J.Bolger & J.Millar.- Index.


'Where social work should be going.' - Trish Hafford-Letchfield, Senior Lecturer, Middlesex University, UK 'A thoughtful overview both for qualifying students and those with more expertise.' - Rachel Balen, Principal Lecturer in Social Work, University of Huddersfield, UK'With its emphasis on the current, the critical and the creative, this book takes a fresh and often fascinating look at social work with children and families.' - Rona Woodward, Lecturer in Social Work, University of Stirling, UK '...the book is an easy, accessible read and will be an invaluable introductory text for social work students, as well as newly-qualified and more experienced practitioners.' - Professional Social Work
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