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The New Politics of Social Work

ISBN 9780230296787
Publication Date November 2013
Formats Paperback Ebook 
Publisher Palgrave

With contributions from those at the forefront of modern social work thought, this edited volume reflects the growing eminence of critical social work in the 21st Century. Taking a truly global outlook, this text advocates the promotion of equality through a range of radical perspectives and provides a blueprint for the future of practice

Stephen A. Webb is Professor of Social Work, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK. Recent books include Evidence-based Social Work (with Gray & Plath, Routledge 2009), Social Work Theories and Methods (with Gray, Sage 2013), and the Sage Handbook of Social Work (with Gray & Midgley, 2012). Webb's critical analysis 'Considerations on the validity of evidence-based practice in social work' (2001) is the world's most cited article in the field and the most influential publication in social work over the last ten years (Hodges et al., 2011). 

Mel Gray is Professor of Social Work and Research Professor in the Research Institute of Advanced Study for Humanity at the University of Newcastle, Australia. She is Joint Editor of Australian Social Work and is on the editorial boards for several international journals. Her interests range from creativity, morality, spirituality and theory and philosophy in social work to experiential social work education.

Towards a 'New Politics' of Social Work M.Gray and S.A.Webb
A History of Critical and Radical Social Work; B.Pease
Mapping the Theoretical and Political Terrain of Social Work; P.M.Garrett
Social Work and the Politics of Recognition; S. Houston
Critically Reflexive Practice; C. Taylor
Critical Management; John Lawler
Critical Best Practice; H.Ferguson
Critical Discourse Analysis; G.Marston
New Practices of Empowerment; V.Cree
Rights-based International Social Work Practice; R.Hugman
Femocratic Childcare Governance; T.Findlay
Social orkers as Agents of Change; I.Ferguson
The Speculative Left and New Politics of Social Work; M.Gray and S.A.Webb.


“The book aims to ‘devise a ‘new politics’ for social work in the belief that [the field] bears a public responsibility to confront injustice while seeking justice for all’ … . A key contribution of the book is its potential to stimulate debate. … Readers will find instructive examples of practice and policy aimed at developing and delivering values-based practice in today’s austere human services environment.” (James Kennerly Nash, Kevin Cherry, Ben Anderson-Nathe, Miranda Cunningham and Ericka Kimball, Social Work, Vol. 61 (4), October, 2016)|This is a very important and extremely timely book and will be of great value to all those concerned to place the challenges of inequalities and injustice at the heart of social work.' – Brid Featherstone, Professor of Social Care, The Open University, UK
'This book is a gem' – Linda Briskman, Professor of Human Rights, Swinburne Institute for Social Research, UK 'In this volume are challenging ideas and a call to resurrect a radical politics of social work. Do not expect to agree with everything you read here. Indeed, that is precisely why you should read it. It is time to shake up the social work conversation.' – Sue White, Professor of Social Work (Children and Families), University of Birmingham, UK
'In a period of deep pessimism and belt-tightening, Gray and Webb assemble a sterling set of authors to re-theorize and re-ignite the emancipatory project of social work. Destined to become a 'must-read', this book injects titanium levels of excitement and promise to all those in social work seeking not just to study the world, but to change it.' – Donna Baines, Professor of Labour Studies and Social Work, McMaster University, Canada
'Mel Gray and Stephen Webb in the New Politics of Social Work have produced, with their co contributors, a most welcome political treatise for the radical reawakening of a political practice for social workers concerned with transforming the social, cultural and political landscape towards social justice, social transformation and human fulfillment. A seminal book for political practice.' – Carolyn Noble, Professor Emerita, Victoria University, Melbourne and Professor of Social Work at ACAP Sydney, Australia
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