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Telephone Counselling

A Handbook for Practitioners

ISBN 9780230303362
Publication Date June 2013
Formats Paperback Ebook 
Publisher Palgrave
Series Professional Handbooks in Counselling and Psychotherapy

The use of the telephone as a tool for counselling is increasingly appealing, providing clients with a service that combines accessibility and convenience. But how can practitioners ensure the same quality of support as in their face-to-face counselling? And how can they adapt to the different demands and restrictions of counselling by telephone?

This comprehensive guide:

• Supports the reader step by step in setting up their own practice, including vital tools such as confidentiality and payment agreements.

• Considers different approaches that can be used over the telephone, such as humanistic and cognitive behavioural techniques.

• Provides engaging case studies to illustrate the distinctive character of telephone counselling and offer practical guidance.

This book is the perfect introduction to counselling by telephone for students and trainees on counselling and psychotherapy courses, and is an essential guide for practitioners looking to develop skills in the area.

Maxine Rosenfield has over twenty years experience working as a counsellor, supervisor and coach. She is a past President of Helplines Australia and of the Counsellors and Psychotherapists Association of NSW. She is currently a counsellor, trainer and consultant in private practice and is the Vice President of the Australasian Association for Supervision.

MAXINE ROSENFIELD has over twenty years experience working as a counsellor, supervisor and coach. Having worked extensively with helplines, she is a Past President of Helplines Australia and THA UK. Her previous published work includes Counselling by Telephone, and contributions to Technology in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Essential Telephone Skills
Overview of Telephone Counselling
Establishing a Telephone Counselling Practice
Contracting: the finer details
Starting the first session and the Task of Assessment
The Dynamics of Counselling by Phone:The First session continued
On-going sessions with the clients
Counselling across Media and in Groups
Telephone groups: An Extended Case Study
Counselling Supervision and Coaching: Using
Phone or Skype
Concluding Thoughts.


In the field of telephone counselling, which is much more extensive, complex and sophisticated than many realise, Maxine Rosenfield is the supreme authority and this is the essential guide.'- Colin Feltham, Emeritus Professor of Critical Counselling Studies, Sheffield Hallam University'Going beyond theories and a generous sharing of her own extensive experience, Telephone Counselling by Maxine Rosenfield is a valuable resource not only for those wanting to provide telephone counselling, but also for Helpline workers. this book will challenge many counsellors' thinking and improve access to counselling for people who are geographically isolated.'- Brenda Clasquin, President of Cancer Counselling Professionals, Australia'Maxine Rosenfield's writing is informal, accessible yet highly informative. This helpful text takes a personal approach with clear links to the author's experiences in this expanding area.'- Kirsten Amis, Lecturer in Counselling and Manager of Counselling Service, Anniesland College, Glasgow'I have known Maxine as a colleague and a friend for almost 10 years. Maxine is a competent, insightful and more importantly, caring professional who has a great understanding of how to connect with her clients in a productive, meaningful way. Maxine has sound knowledge and understanding of how the telephone and media can assist with the process of connection with her clients in a therapeutic context'.- Bill Campos, President of Helplines Australia, Australia'This book is much more than understanding how counselling can be incorporated to the telephone and internet media. Maxine also highlights the differences in therapeutic relationships between client and professional and how the telephone and media can be utilised in a number of different ways. Furthermore she highlights how there are differences in how the telephone and media are used in a counselling context depending on the client's needs'.- Bill Campos, President of Helplines Australia, Australia'a very useful book that fills gaps and will be welcomed by a wide range of practitioners in the talking therapies. Moreover this book is truly international and provides practical expertise with more than the usual US or Eurocentric perspective.'- Jeannie Wright, Director of Counselling and Psychotherapy, University of Warwick, UK
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