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Edition 2nd Edition
ISBN 9780230304567
Publication Date December 2012
Formats Paperback Ebook 
Publisher Palgrave

The second edition of eBusiness provides a balanced coverage of electronic business and its role in the transformation of organisations. It takes a worldwide perspective and discusses the increasing role of information and communication technologies within both private and public sector organisations. A strong underpinning in theory is used throughout to help understand the practical implications of this important phenomenon. Chapters are integrated around an overview model of eBusiness and contain case material, exercises and reflective points.

New to this edition:

- Revised structure which builds a conception of eBusiness from first principles
- Integrated chapter case studies and revised free-standing international case studies
- Coverage of new topics including mobile commerce, electronic government and cloud computing
- Increased range of learning material in each chapter as well as fully updated online resources

eBusiness is an ideal text for undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA students of e-business.

PAUL BEYNON-DAVIES is Professor in Organisational Informatics at Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University. He is the author of a number of other student texts published by Palgrave/Macmillan, including Business Information Systems.

The eBusiness Domain
eBusiness Organisation
eBusiness Systems
eBusiness Value
eBusiness Infrastructure
Technical Infrastructure for eBusiness
eBusiness Environment
Forms of eBusiness
Further Forms of eBusiness
Activity Infrastructure for eBusiness
eBusiness Futures
eBusiness Cases.


'eBusiness provides an insightful and current text book on E-business thinking which will be of value to educators, students and industry practioners. The book is suitable for both generalist and specialists in its coverage of the subject matter. The text provides a detailed overview of E-business interspersed with case studies to illustrate meaning via practical examples.' - Dr. Paul Jones, University of Glamorgan, UK'This thoughtful book offers a systematic and comprehensive approach to the popular subject of eBusiness. Parallels are drawn from a wider perspective and encourage the reader to consider the problem domain from an original and more inclusive point of view. A very helpful addition to the literature on the subject of eBusiness.' - Dr. Natalia Beloff, Universityof Sussex, UK'This is an excellent introduction to eBusiness. It is a comprehensive text with a wide-ranging structure that goes beyond a simply descriptive approach to eBusiness. There is a focus on rigour and analysis, including techniques such as activity system modelling, process modelling, and data modelling. At the same time there is attention to the social context and the heterogeneous nature of eBusiness applications. This book brings information system development and eBusiness together and will be a valuable aid in teaching both topics. For practitioners the book provides a valuable blueprint for eBusiness system development in the 21st century.'- Richard Vidgen, Professor of Systems Thinking, University of Hull, UKPraise for the previous edition: 'The author is to be congratulated in producing a text which draws together the principal strands of e-business in an accessible and readable manner.' - Stuart Fitz-Gerald, International Journal of Information Management'A core text for information systems students at undergraduate level...it is good to see the inclusion of the full range of e-busines applications including e-procurement and supply chain management. Learning features in each chapter include a short case study, summary, activities and reference. The book has a clear structure and would be efficient for student revision with its use of mind maps to relate topics.' - Dave Chaffey, Times Higher Education Supplement 'This book has definitely achieved the right balance in the treatment of the business and technical aspects. It is quite difficult to present a balance so I would like to congratulate the author here because the content gives the students exactly the knowledge of what technology could do and what they could demand from IT people.' - Herbert Kotzab, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark 'You are part of what this book is all about! Amazon, according to the author, is not only the world's largest e-tailer but a classic example of e-business. What else does he say about Amazon (and eBay too)? - buy the book! But the main reason to buy it is because it's a first-rate text designed for the degree and MBA classroom but of great relevance to those who manage (or are managed by) the e-business domain. In fact a great read for anyone interested in the subject. The theoretical base is Systems theory, and, though I found the discussion a touch thin and uncritical, it does provide a framework to look at e-business as a whole and to examine its organisational and social dimensions. Technical aspects are presented in a readable way. Intelligent structure and layout, easy to navigate, useful glossary.' - Customer review from Amazon
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