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Solution-Focused Practice

Effective Communication to Facilitate Change

ISBN 9780230359123
Publication Date October 2014
Formats Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave

This book provides a comprehensive and accessible guide for anyone who wishes to incorporate solution-focused practice in to their helping conversations with people, whether these take place within structured sessions or in more unplanned and spontaneous ways.

Guy Shennan is a solution-focused practitioner, consultant and trainer. First using solution-focused practice as a social worker during the 1990s, he now practises and teaches the approach widely in the UK and beyond.

1. Discovering Solution Focused Practice. - 2. Contracting. - 3. Description 1: The Preferred Future. - 4. Description II: Instances of the Preferred Future Already in Place. - 5. Bridging the Preferred Future and its Instances Scaling Questions. - 6. Ackonwledgement and Possibility Coping Questions. - 7. Putting it All Together First and Follow-up Questions. - 9. Applications and Adaptations. - Frequently Asked Questions. - Bibliography. - Index.


"This is a book that speaks to the heart of what it is to be social worker, talking with clients in situations that are often messy, crisis-driven and conflict-laden (...) this volume managers to be a reference and resource on solution-focused practice, a training and personal develoment manual, as well as a thougthful, considered exploration of the art and skill of asking good questions, listening intently and focusing on solutions to the dilemmas, turmoil orpredicament, a person, a group or family may be embroiled in." - Angie Ash, Principal, Angela Ash Associates,(article inProfessional Social Worker) "This book should be open and in the hands of anyone whose job is to facilitate change. It is difficult to imagine a more clear description of solution focused practice: from the most basic underlying principles to nuances of practice learned over many years. However, the book is more than a solution-focused text book; it is a template for good practice wherever enabling conversations are part of the job: social workers, nurses, doctors, psychologists, teachers and many others can learn so much from this book. It should be compulsory reading on every course." - Chris Iveson, BRIEF, London, UK "If you are going to buy one book this year on solution-focused approaches, buy this one." – Nicholas Bohannon, Senior Lecturer in the School of Health, University of Central Lancashire, UK"Guy Shennan has crafted a book on the solution-focused approach that is wonderfully personal and crystal clear. For novices to experts, across multiple disciplines and practice contexts, Guy offers structured learning guidelines, clinical wisdom, and practical case and consultation examples. This will be required reading for all my students." – Frank N.Thomas, Professor of Counseling and Counselor Education, Texas Christian University, USA"This is an excellent book. Guy Shennan gives us a practical, comprehensive and well-illustrated account of the solution-focused approach. This book will refresh the practice of those already using the approach and could be a game changer for those coming to it for the first time." - Bill O'Connell, Director of Focus on Solutions"Guy Shennan has used his considerable experience as a solution-focused counsellor, social worker and trainer to produce a book that is steeped in practice and will be invaluable to a wide range of people-workers." – Steve Myers, Director of Social Sciences, University of Salford, UK "This book is clearly THE most current Solution-Focused text." - Michael Durrant, Psychologist/Director, Brief Therapy Institute of Sydney, Australia
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