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Macmillan Higher Education Palgrave Higher Education
ISBN 9780230367371
Publication Date March 2012
Formats Ebook (PDF) Paperback Ebook (EPUB) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

Gender is a hugely important factor in how we see the world, not just for psychologists but society as a whole. From the key theoretical developments, through the development of gender in childhood and on to the way gender is interpreted by different cultures around the world, Franklin's spirited introduction shows how gender shapes our understanding of life. Whatever your level of study, this book will give you a deeper understanding of the way gender continues to affect the way we think and behave.

LEANNE FRANKLIN is Associate Lecturer at Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff, Wales, UK.

Sex Differences
Gender and Early Childhood
Gender and Middle Childhood
Gender and Adolescence 
Psychoanalytic Approaches
Cognitive Development Theory
Gender Schema Theory
Social Learning Theory
History and Gender
Culture and Gender


'This textbook is wonderfully written and a perfect resource for every psychology student. It captures a range of different viewpoints on gender and shows the need to consider both the role of culture and biological factors in how we understand what it means to be male or female. This book explores key topics at the heart of the discipline and reflects original ideas on the sex/gender binary. It is accessible, engaging and thought-provoking.' - Lewis Goodings, Lecturer in Social Psychology, University of Roehampton, London, UK
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