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Restoration Politics, Religion and Culture

Britain and Ireland, 1660-1714

ISBN 9780230574441
Publication Date January 2010
Formats Hardcover Paperback Ebook 
Publisher Palgrave
Series British History in Perspective

This indispensable introductory guide offers students a number of highly focused chapters on key themes in Restoration history. Each addresses a core question relating to the period 1660-1714, and uses artistic and literary sources – as well as more traditional texts of political history – to illustrate and illuminate arguments. George Southcombe and Grant Tapsell provide clear analyses of different aspects of the era whilst maintaining an overall coherence based on three central propositions:
• 1660-1714 represents a political world fundamentally influenced by the civil wars and interregnum
• the period can best be understood by linking together types of evidence too often separated in conventional accounts
• the high politics of kings and their courts should be examined within broader social and geographical contexts.

Featuring chapters on the exclusion crisis, Charles II and James VII/II, as well as the British dimension, restoration culture, and politics out-of-doors, this is essential reading for anyone studying this fascinating period in British history.

GEORGE SOUTHCOMBE is British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, Faculty of History and Somerville College, Oxford, UK.
GRANT TAPSELL is Lecturer in History at the University of St Andrews, UK.

List of Figures
Introduction: Why Study Restoration History? 
What was Restored in 1660? 
Why were Dissenters a Problem?
What was at Stake in the Exclusion Crisis? 
Was Charles II a Successful 'Royal Politician'?
Why Did James VII and II Lose His Thrones?
How Important was the 'British' Dimension to Restoration Political Life?
How Important was Politics Out-of-Doors in this Period?
Why Study Restoration Culture?  
What were the main Forces for Change and Continuity in the Post-Revolutionary World, 1688-1714?
Further Reading 


An impressive text - extremely well organized and highly readable.'- Professor Melinda Zook, Purdue University, USA
'This book is without doubt the most student-friendly of recent accounts of the Restoration period. It is well written, with a light and engaging style, and deftly argued.'- Dr David Scott, History of Parliament Trust, UK
'The analysis is balanced and judicious, and articulates what is emerging as the new scholarly consensus in this vibrant field....Essential reading for anyone interested in the Restoration era.' - Tim Harris, English Historical Review
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