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Playing with Theory in Theatre Practice

ISBN 9780230577794
Publication Date December 2011
Formats Hardcover Ebook (EPUB) Paperback Ebook (PDF) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

Through a collection of original essays and case studies, this innovative book explores theory as an accessible, although complex, tool for theatre practitioners and students. These chapters invite readers to (re)imagine theory as a site of possibility or framework that can shape theatre making, emerge from practice, and foster new ways of seeing, creating, and reflecting. Focusing on the productive tensions and issues that surround creative practice and intellectual processes, the contributing authors present central concepts and questions that frame the role of theory in the theatre. Ultimately, this diverse and exciting collection offers inspiring ideas, raises new questions, and introduces ways to build theoretically-minded, dynamic production work.

MEGAN ALTRUZis Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Austin, USA,where she teaches in the Drama and Theatre for Youth MFA program. As a theatre scholar, as well as a community-based teaching artist, her work focuses on Applied Theatre and Digital Media with/for young people, drama-based pedagogy, and the development of new work.

JULIA LISTENGARTENis Julia Listengarten is Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies at the University of Central Florida. Her research interests include avant-garde theory and performance, translation theory, and nationalism. Her translation of Christmas at the Ivanovs' premiered Off-Broadway at Classic Stage Company and was included in Theater of the Avant-Garde, 1890-1950. She is the author of Russian Tragifarce: Its Cultural and Political Roots and co-editor of Theater of the Avant-Garde: 1950-2000. She has contributed to various books and theatre periodicals including Theatre Research International, Slavic and Eastern European Performance, and Scenography International.

M. VAN DUYN(Vandy)WOOD is a visual artist and theatrical designer from Central New York, USA. She is currently an Associate Professor of Design and the Coordinator of the MFA Design program for the University of Central Florida's Conservatory Theatre, USA.Vandy has been designing professionally for theatre and video since 1986 and specializes in the development of new works.

Introduction to Part I
The Function of Theory at the Present Time?; M.Fortier
Approaching Theory: Scholar and Practitioner; M.Van de Water
'There is a World Elsewhere': The Endgame of Theory and Practice; M.Kobialka
Introduction to Part II 
Immediate Bodies: Media Theory and Theatre; S.Bay-Cheng
Authenticity in Children's Theatre and Art; S.Etheridge Woodson
Theatrical Nationalism and Subversive Affirmation; S.Wilmer
Sensual Engagements: Understanding Theories of the Senses and their Potential Applications within Theatre Practice; S.DiBenedetto
Active Dramaturgy: Using Research to Inspire Creative Thought; L.Inez Brown
Intuition in Practice: Emotion and Feeling in the Artistic Process; H.Feiner
Resisting Binaries: Theory and Acting; J.Lutterbie
Moving Spectators Toward Progressive Politics by Combining Brechtian Theory with Cognitive Science; B.McConachie
Introduction to Part III
Theatre is Theory: A Case Study of Ghosting; H.Blau
Cyrano's Intercultural Voyages in India; D.McManus
(Re)presenting Silenced Voices: Negotiating Multiple Landscapes Through Body, Voice and Architecture; J.Listengarten & C.Niess
Voice and the Venus: Opening up Voice and Speech with Post-Colonial Theories; L.Dougherty
Theoretical Terrain and Performance Practice: An Actor's Journey into the Uncharted Territory of Landscape Theatre; B.Hanemann
Under the Influence; A.Mello
Modulating Theory: Breaking New Ground in Musical Theatre Study; J.Bell
Tongues of Stone: making Space Speak...Again and Again; C.Brown & D.Hannah
Seven Instructions: A Dialogue; M.Rohd & S.Scrofano

SARAH BAY-CHENG Associate Professor of Theatre at the University at Buffalo, USA
JOHN BELL Chair of the Performing and Fine Arts Department at DeSales University, USA
HERBERT BLAU Byron W. and Alice L. Lockwood Professor of the Humanities at the University of Washington, USA
CAROL BROWN Performer, Choreographer and Senior Lecturer in Dance Studies at NICAI, University of Auckland, New Zealand
LENORA INEZ BROWN served as the Head of the Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism at the Theatre School, DePaul University, and as the president for Theatre for Young Audiences/USA Board, USA
STEPHEN DI BENEDETTO Assistant Professor of Theatre History and Theory at the University of Miami, USA
LAURA R. DOUGHERTY Voice and Speech Practitioner and Pedagogue
HARRY FEINER Theatre Stage Designer
MARK FORTIER Director of the School of English and Theatre Studies at the University of Guelph, Canada
DORITA HANNAH Architect, Scenographer and Professor of Spatial Design at Massey University's College of Creative Arts, New Zealand 
BROOK HANEMANN Taught Theatre for five years at the Mississippi University for Women in Columbus where she was appointed the first head of the Columbus Tennessee Williams Foundation, USA 
MICHAL KOBIALKA Professor of Theatre in the Department of Theatre Arts & Dance at the University of Minnesota, USA
JULIA LISTENGARTEN Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies at the University of Central Florida, USA 
JOHN LUTTERBIE Professor at Stony Brook University where he teaches the History of Performance Art and Performance Theory
DONALD MCMANUS Assistant professor and Resident Artist at Emory University, USA 
BRUCH MCCONACHIE Chair of Theatre Arts at the University of Pittsburgh, USA 
ALISSA MELLO Theatre Maker and Performer based in New York City, USA 
CHRISTOPHER NIESS Chair and Artistic Director for the University of Central Florida Conservatory Theatre, USA 
MICHAEL ROHD Founding Artistic Director of Sojourn Theatre in Portland, Oregon, USA
SHANNON SCROFANNO Scenic and Multimedia Artist based in Los Angeles, USA
MANON VAN DE WATER Professor of Theatre Research and Director of the Theatre for Youth program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USa 
S. E. WILMER Head of the School of Drama, Film and Music at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland 
STEPHANI ETHERIDGE WOODSON Associate Professor of theatre at Arizona State University, USA 


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