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Literature in Psychoanalysis

A Reader

ISBN 9780333791745
Publication Date April 2005
Formats Hardcover Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

Since its foundation a little over a century ago, psychoanalysis has been fascinated by literature. Freud himself was fond of saying that poets were there before him, hinting that the findings of psychoanalysis were foreshadowed in works of literature. Sophocles's Oedipus Rex and Shakespeare's Hamlet are only the most famous literary works around which Freud developed his ideas - but literature appears 'in' psychoanalysis in the shape of Freud's brilliant and inventive storytelling, as well as in explicit theoretical themes.

Literature in Psychoanalysis explores the ongoing dialogue between literature and psychoanalysis in contemporary essays that revisit and revise classic Freudian positions (such as Freud's and Jones's reading of Hamlet, and Freud's account of the 'uncanny') and consider literary treatments of the analytic (including Nicolas Abraham's remarkable 'Sixth Act' to Hamlet and Hélène Cixous's feminist dramatization of Freud's 'Dora' case history in Portrait of Dora). The volume also presents the use of literary terms in the post-Freudian history of Freud's 'Wolf Man' through the stunning work of Nicolas Abraham and Maria Torok on the Wolf Man's buried 'magic word'.

Resisting the idea of 'applying' psychoanalytic theory to literature, Steve Vine's collection, along with his helpful introductory notes to each section and essay, shows the ways in which literature and psychoanalysis are involved with each other. It is an invaluable resource for teachers and students of literature and theory alike, and for all those with a general interest in the interaction between literature and psychoanalysis.

STEVEN VINE is Lecturer in English at the University of Wales Swansea, where he specialises in teaching Romanticism and critical theory.

Introduction: Literature in Psychoanalysis
Introductory note: Hamlet in Psychoanalysis
Dismember Me: Shakespeare, Paranoia and the Logic of Mass Culture; L.Charnes
Hamlet's Flesh: Lacan and the Desire of the Mother; J.Reinhard Lupton and K.Reinhard
Family Romance or Family History? Psychoanalysis and Dramatic Invention in Nicholas Abraham's 'The Phantom of Hamlet'; N.Rand
PART II: E.T.A. Hoffman, 'The Sandman', Sigmund Freud, 'The Uncanny'
Introductory note: Uncanny Literature - Freud and the 'Uncanny'
The Double is/and and the Devil; The Uncanniness of The Sandman; S.Kofman
Fiction and its Phantoms; A Reading of Freud's Das Unheimliche; H.Cixous
The Sandman; The Uncanny as Problem of Reading; L.Moller
PART III: Sigmund Freud, The Wolf Man
Introductory note: Constructing and Reconstructing the Wolf Man
Fictions of the Wolf Man: Freud and Narrative Understanding; P.Brooks
The Wolf Man's Magic Word; N.Abraham and M.Torok
Fors: The Anglish Words of Nicolas Abraham and Maria Torok; J.Derrida
PART IV: Hélène Cixous Portrait of Dora; Sigmund Freud Dora
Introductory note; Dora in Freud and Feminism
The Untenable; C.Clément and H.Cixous
The Lake of Seduction: Body, Acting, and Voice in Hélène Cixous's Portrait de Dora; E.Brown
'You Freud, Me Jane'; E.Bronfen

L.Charnes * J.Reinhard * N.Rand * S.Kofman * H.Cixous * L.Moller * P.Brooks * N.Abraham * M.Torok *J.Derrida * C.Clément * E.Brown * E.Bronfen


'An extremely useful abridged anthology, bringing together texts central to the field but never before collected together.' - Professor Ruth Parkin-Gounelas, Aristotle University, Greece
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