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Women In Late Medieval and Reformation Europe 1200-1550

ISBN 9780333912560
Publication Date January 2007
Formats Hardcover Paperback Ebook 
Publisher Palgrave
Series European Culture and Society

Recent books in the field have tended to dazzle the reader with the latest research while leaving dangerous holes for the newcomer. Without neglecting recent work, this clear textbook, taking the story from 1200 to 1550, helps the reader to understand how the late Medieval/Reformation world fitted together, and how women fitted into that world.

HELEN M. JEWELL was formerly Senior Lecturer in the School of History at the University of Liverpool, UK. Her previous publications include Women in Medieval England (Manchester University Press, 1996).

Contemporary Gender Theory and Society's Expectations of Women
The Practical Situation: Women's Function in Rural Communities
The Practical Situation: Women's Function in Urban Communities
Women and Power: Royal and Landholding Women
Women and Religion
Women who Exceeded Society's Expectations
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'Helen Jewell's books provide an up-to-date survey of the lives of medieval women, with valuable insights into society, economy, politics, religion and culture.' - Jennifer Ward, Lady Margaret Hall (The Brown Book)
'...an excellent introduction to the study of medieval women across a substantial geographical and chronological span, and with plentiful suggestions for reading in order to pursue further study.' - Sarah James, Women's History Magazine
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