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Critical Stylistics

The Power of English

ISBN 9780333964484
Publication Date January 2010
Formats Hardcover Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave
Series Perspectives on the English Language

We tend to think that politicians, copywriters and journalists can affect us by their use of language, but how does this happen, exactly? Critical Discourse Analysis provides us with general theories for explaining the impact texts can have, considering the social and political contexts in which texts are produced and read. Stylistics provides detailed tools of analysis for understanding how texts work. Critical Stylistics combines the strengths of these two approaches to uncover the deep-seated ideologies of everyday texts.

Original and engaging, Critical Stylistics:

• presents a new amalgamation of stylistics, critical discourse analysis and functional approaches to grammar
• introduces a comprehensive set of tools to help explain and analyse the power of written texts
• examines a wide variety of real texts and provides a wealth of practical worked examples

Perspectives on the English Language is an innovative series of textbooks for the English language student, together forming a wide-ranging course for undergraduate students of English. The basis of the series is a 'core' of three books which together lay the foundations for further study. A set of higher level textbooks builds on these core books by bringing together the latest thinking in a range of topics in English language. Clearly set out and including relevant exercises and questions, they make both the foundations of language and the latest research accessible to a student audience.
Series Editors: Lesley Jeffries and Dan McIntyre

LESLEY JEFFRIES is Professor of English Language at the University of Huddersfield.  She was Chair of the Poetics and Linguistics Association from 2007 to 2009 and is the author of books including Discovering Language: The Structure of Modern English (Palgrave 2006) and Textual Construction of the Female Body (Palgrave 2007).

The Background to Critical Stylistics
Naming and Describing
Representing Actions/Events/States
Equating and Contrasting
Exemplifying and Enumerating
Implying and Assuming
Presenting Others' Speech and Thoughts
Representing Time, Space and Society
Appendix Commentaries on Exercises


Perfectly pitched to meet the needs of students in courses such as English functional grammar, discourse analysis, stylistics, advanced composition and critical discourse analysis. Jeffries's book is a long needed synthesis of linguistic stylistics and critical discourse analysis; it provides excellent background reading for advanced research on such issues as negation, speech and thought presentation, systemic grammar, and presupposition.' – Donald E. Hardy, University of Nevada, USA
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