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Pacific Histories

Ocean, Land, People

ISBN 9781137001634
Publication Date February 2014
Formats Paperback Hardcover Ebook 
Publisher Palgrave

The first comprehensive account to place the Pacific Islands, the Pacific Rim and the Pacific Ocean into the perspective of world history. A distinguished international team of historians provides a multidimensional account of the Pacific, its inhabitants and the lands within and around it over 50,000 years, with special attention to the peoples of Oceania. It providing chronological coverage along with analyses of themes such as the environment, migration and the economy; religion, law and science; race, gender and politics.

David Armitage is the Lloyd C. Blankfein Professor of History at Harvard University, USA. He is the author of The Declaration of Independence: A Global History and Foundations of Modern International Thought, and co-editor of The British Atlantic World, 1500-1800, 2nd edition, and The Age of Revolutions in Global Context, c. 1760-1840.
Alison Bashford is Vere Harmsworth Professor of Imperial and Naval History at the University of Cambridge, UK. She has taught Pacific and Australian history at the University of Sydney, Australia, and Harvard University, USA. She is the author of, most recently, Global Population: History, Geopolitics and Life on Earth, and co-editor of The Cambridge History of Australia.

1. Introduction; David Armitage and Alison Bashford
2. The Pacific in Indigenous Time; Damon Salesa
3. The Pacific Before Empire, c. 1500-1800; Joyce E. Chaplin
4. The Age of Empire in the Pacific; Nicholas Thomas
5. A Pacific Century?; Akira Iriye
6. The Environment; Ryan T. Jones
7. Movement; Adam McKeown
8. The Economy since 1800; Kaoru Sigihara
9. Religion; Bronwen Douglas
10. Law; Lisa Ford
11. Science; Sujit Sivasundaram
12. Race; James Belich
13. Gender; Patricia O'Brien
14. Politics; Robert Aldrich
Afterword: Pacific Crosscurrents; Matt K. Matsuda
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