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Media Psychology

ISBN 9781137295873
Publication Date December 2011
Formats Ebook (EPUB) Ebook (PDF) Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

This edited textbook brings together broad and cutting-edge coverage of the core areas in media psychology for undergraduate, introductory-level students. Covering persuasion and influence, interaction with the media, and representation, the authors draw on specific campaigns and studies to introduce readers to key issues in this fascinating field.

Gayle Brewer is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire, UK. She currently leads the 'Psychology of the Media' module and teaches a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Her research is regularly featured in the National and International press.

Introduction; G.Brewer and S.Robinson
Media Violence; G.Brewer 
Health Communication; P.Eckler and E.O'Gara
Body Image and Eating Behaviour; B.Gunter and J.Smith
Advertising; G.Brewer
Internet and Interaction; J.Cabiria
Computer and Video Games; J.Bryce and L.K.Kaye 
Celebrity and Parasocial Relationships; R.Lange, J.Houran and L.E.McCutcheon 
Portrayal of Crime; L.Heath  
Race and Ethnic Stereotyping; E.Behm-Morawitz and D.Ta
Gender Stereotyping; N.Signorielli 
Politics; G.G.Holyk 
Research Methodology; S.Robinson  

SARITA ROBINSON Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire, UK
PETYA ECKLER Assistant Professor at the University of Iowa, USA 
ERIN O'GARA Research Assistant at the University of Iowa, USA  
BARRIE GUNTER Professor of Mass Communications at the University of Leicester, UK
JENNIFER SMITH Lecturer at the University of Leicester, UK 
JON CABIRIA Professor at Baker College and the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology, USA 
JO BRYCE Senior Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire, UK
LINDA KAYE Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire, UK
RENSE LANGE Employed at Integrated Knowledge Systems and previously at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and Springfield, USA
JAMES HOURAN President of 20/20 Assessment, New York, USA  
LYNN McCUTCHEON Assistant Professor at DeVry University, USA  
LINDA HEATH Professor at Loyola University Chicago, USA  
ELIZABETH BEHM-MORAWITZ Lecturer at the University of Missouri, USA
DAVID TA Lecturer at the University of Missouri, USA
NANCY SIGNORIELLI Professor at the University of Delaware USA
GREGORY HOLYK Visiting Assistant Professor at Washington and Lee University, USA 


"This is a much-needed and integrative introductory textbook. It provides a succinct overview of the different psychological theories that ground media psychology research, without sacrificing the complexity of the field or the many questions that arise in a rapidly evolving media landscape. I will definitely incorporate it into my Introduction to Media Psychology course." - Dr Pamela Rutledge, Fielding Graduate University and Director of the Media Psychology Research Center, USA
"Brewer has made an important contribution to a growing field - this book will provide students with an invaluable grounding in Media Psychology." - Stuart Price, Reader in Media Discourse, De Montfort University, UK
"The book provides a fascinating guide to media psychology and introduces a range of subjects central to the A-level syllabus. Brewer combines detailed accounts of core areas (e.g. media influence on eating behavior and violence), with contemporary issues (e.g. celebrity worship) in a clear and engaging style." - Laura Hanson, Head of A-level Psychology, Arnold School, Lancashire, UK
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