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The European Union

Readings on the Theory and Practice of European Integration

Edition 4th Edition
ISBN 9781137410917
Publication Date August 2014
Formats Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave
Series The European Union Series

This new edition of the leading reader on European Integration makes conveniently available to students the key texts of politicians and scholars. The first section, presents the key visions of the primary shapers of the union now including the reflections of current European leaders on the crisis in Europe. The second and third sections bring together the seminal work of early scholars as they struggled to understand postwar European integration and influential work from the 1980s and 1990s. The final - comprehensively revised and updated - section explores recent theoretical developments in scholarship.

Brent F. Nelsen is Professor of political science at Furman University, USA. His writings focus on European integration, religion and politics in Europe, and European public opinion.

Alexander Stubb is Prime Minister of Finland. Previously he served as Finland's minister for European affairs and foreign trade (2011-2014), and before that as minister of foreign affairs (2008-2011) and as a member of the European Parliament (2004-2008). He is author of several books on European integration.

PART I: VISIONS OF A UNITED EUROPE 1. Ventotene Manifesto; A.Spinelli and E.Rossi
2. The Tragedy of Europe; W.S.Churchill
3. The Schuman Declaration; R.Schuman
4. Preambles to the Treaties Establishing the European Communities (Treaties of Paris and Rome)
5. A Ferment of Change; J.Monnet
6. A Concert of European States; C.de Gaulle
7. Preamble to the Single European Act
8. A Family of Nations; M.Thatcher
9. A Necessary Union; J.Delors
10. Preamble to the Treaty on European Union (The Maastricht Treaty)
11. February 15, or What Binds Europeans Together; J. Habermas and J. Derrida
12. Preambles to the Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe and the Treaty of Lisbon
13. Reflections on the Crisis in Europe J. Barrosso; H. Van Rompuy; A. Merkel; J. Hollande; D. Cameron; R. Sikorski; A. Stubb
PART II: EARLY CURRENTS IN INTEGRATION THEORY 14. Altiero Spinelli and the Strategy for the United States of Europe; S.Pistone
15. A Working Peace System; D.Mitrany
16. Political Community and the North Atlantic Area; K.W.Deutsch et al
17. The Uniting of Europe; E.B.Haas
18. Obstinate or Obsolete? The Fate of the Nation; State and the Case of Western Europe; S.Hoffmann
19. The Theory of Economic Integration: An Introduction; B. Balassa
20. Of Blind Men, Elephants and International Integration; D. Puchala
PART III: EUROPE RELAUNCHED 21. European Community and Nation-State; J. Pinder
22. 1992: Recasting the European Bargain; W. Sandholtz and J. Zysman
23. Integration, Supranational Governance, and the Institutionalization of the European Polity; A.Stone Sweet and W.Sandholtz
24. The Choice for Europe; A.Moravcsik
25. Europe Before the Court; A. Bailey and W. Mattli
26. The Study of the European Community; S. Hix
27. Multi-level Governance in the European Union; L.Hooghe and G.Marks
PART IV: CURRENT DEBATES IN INTEGRATION THEORY 28. The Next Europe: Toward a Federal Union; N. Berggruen and N. Gardels
29. The Governance Approach to European Integration; M.Jachtenfuchs
30. A Certain Idea of Europe; C. Parsons
31. A Postfunctionalist Theory of European Integration; L. Hooghe and G. Marks
32. What is European Integration Really About? A Political Guide for Economists; E. Spolaore.


Reviews of previous editions: 'In little over three hundred and fifty pages, The European Union manages to provide a thorough grounding in the political and theoretical works that continue to dominate the study of European integration.' – Paul Riseborough, Journal of European Affairs
'This is, undoubtedly, the reader of choice for undergraduate and graduate courses on the European Union, and regional or global governance.' – Osvaldo Croci, Journal of European Integration
'Highly accessible to students; each reading is clearly prefaced, set in context, and carefully and honestly abridged.' – Talking Politics
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