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A History of Italy

ISBN 9781403986153
Publication Date December 2009
Formats Hardcover Paperback Ebook 
Publisher Palgrave
Series Palgrave Essential Histories series

Until the beginning of the eighteenth century, to be 'Italian' meant to identify with a number of collective memories, rather than a national memory. Yet there are elements of continuity that have shaped Italian identity over the past 1,500 years. Religion, food, art and architecture, a literary language, as well as a particular relationship between cities and countryside, between family and civil society have all contributed to present day Italian culture and politics. Baldoli explores the history of Italy as a country, rather than as a nation, in order to trace its fascinating cultural and political development.

Offering a way into each period of Italian history, the book brings Italy's past to life with extracts from poetry, novels and music. Drawing on the latest research published in English and Italian, this is the ideal introduction for all those interested in Italy's cultural and social past and its significance for the country's present.

CLAUDIA BALDOLI is Lecturer in History at the University of Newcastle, UK. Her publications include Bissolati immaginario.  Le origini del fascismo cremonese dal socialismo riformista allo squadrismo (Cremona 2002) and Exporting Fascism: Italian Fascists and Britain's Italians in the 1930s (Oxford 2003). 

List of Maps, Chronologies, Windows and Illustations
The 'Barbarian' Middle Ages: Invasions, Culture, Religion
The Middle Ages of the Cities
The Middle Ages of the Courts
Renaissance Italy: From the European Model to the 'End of Italy'?
Under Popes and Distant Kings
A National Melorama: The Epic of the Risorgimento
Liberal Italy
From Hunger to Hedonism: Italy in the Twentieth Century
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This is an excellent book.Its approach is highly original - covering a vast period of time and material through a broad 'cultural history' methodology.I learned a lot from this volume, and I am sure many other scholars and students will as well.' - John Foot,Professor ofModern Italian History, University College London, UK
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