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Antonioni: Centenary Essays

ISBN 9781844573851
Publication Date December 2011
Formats Hardcover Paperback 
Publisher British Film Institute

This collection of new essays by leading film scholarsaddresses Michelangelo Antonionias apre-eminent figure in European art cinema, explores his continuing influence and legacy, and engages with his ability to both interpret and shape ideas of modernity and modern cinema.

LAURA RASCAROLI?is Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at University College Cork. She is the author of The Personal Camera: Subjective Cinema and the Essay Film (2009) and the co-author (with Ewa Mazierska) of From Moscow to Madrid: European Cities, Postmodern Cinema (2003), The Cinema of Nanni Moretti: Dreams and Diaries (2004), and Crossing New Europe: Postmodern Travel and the European Road Movie (2006). She is also the co-editor (with Patrick O'Donovan) of The Cause of Cosmopolitanism: Dispositions, Models, Transformations (2010).

JOHN DAVID RHODES is ?is Senior Lecturer in Literature and Visual Culture at the University of Sussex. He is the author of Stupendous, Miserable City: Pasolini's Rome (2007) and Meshes of the Afternoon (2011), and the co-editor (with Brian Price) of On Michael Haneke (2010), and (with Elena Gorfinkel) of Taking Place: Location and Moving Image (2011). He is a founding co-editor of the journal World Picture.

Interstitial, Pretentious, Alienated, Dead: Antonioni at 100/Laura Rascaroli and John David Rhodes.- Modernities.- Identification of a City: Antonioni and Rome, 1940-1962/Jacopo Benci.- Modernity, Put into Form: Blow-Up, Objectuality, 1960s Antonioni/Laura Rascaroli.- Revisiting Zabriskie Point/Angelo Restivo.- Reporter, Soldier, Detective, Spy: Watching The Passenger/Robert S. C. Gordon.- Aesthetics.- 'Making Love on the Shores of the River Po': Antonioni's Documentaries/Leonardo Quaresima.- On L'avventura and the picturesque/Rosalind Galt.- Quasi: Antonioni and Participation in Art/Alexander García Düttmann.- Face, Body, Voice, Movement: Antonioni and Actors/David Forgacs.- Medium Specifics.- Blow-up and the Plurality of Photography/Matilde Nardelli.- Ten Footnotes To A Mystery/Francesco Casetti.- Identification of a Medium: Identificazione di una donna and the Rise of Commercial Television in Italy/Michael Siegel.- Ecologies.- Antonioni's Waste Management/Karl Schoonover.- Antonioni's Cinematic Poetics of Climate Change/Karen Pinkus.- Antonioni and the Development of Style/John David Rhodes.- Index.


Essential reading for those who want to delve into the work of one of the authors constantly referred to as pivotal in art cinema.' - Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television 'The essays collected in this volume reappraise the centrality and continuing influence of Antonioni's unique, demanding, and controversial language to world filmmakers. They testify that, even from a cultural and historical moment different from ours, his films can give us insights that allow to look with new eyes at the complexities and contradictions of late-modernity.' - British Universities Film & Video Council 'The editors of this centenary essay collection tackle the inherited critical view on Antonioni ("Interstitial, Pretentious, Alienated, Dead: Antonioni at 100") in a helpful introduction, before opening the floor to a variety of specialised viewpoints.' - Tim Robey, The Daily Telegraph '?The contributors to Antonioni: Centenary Essays approach the director's works with fresh, new inspiration and contemporary critical methodologies that underscore Antonioni's continued relevance to the cinema of our day, adding numerous original insights on such topics as Antonioni's documentaries, his relationship to Rome, and his last films, while providing fresh perspectives on the classics of the Antonioni canon, such as L'avventura, Red Desert, and Blow-Up. This is a book that belongs in the library of every spectator who loves the art of film-making.' - Peter Bondanella, Indiana University, USA'Antonioni: Centenary Essays is an exemplary model for writing on cinema and modernity, a timely occasion for rethinking media reception in the twenty-first century through revaluation of Antonioni's films. The compelling essays, written by leading film scholars, challenge time-worn assessments of Antonioni's cinema, and situate their discussions in relation to aesthetics, film history, the character and specificity of the connections of his work to other media, and innovatively and significantly, to ecology (space, climate, and waste) as illuminative of his visual style.' - Marcia Landy, University of Pittsburgh, USA 'Antonioni: Centenary Essays is an important volume, and is certainly not an introductory reader in terms of coverage or ambition. As well as offering some challenging contemporary responses to Antonioni's work, it also offers an intriguing snapshot of how Italian cinema is situated as an area of film studies with more than a few opacities of its own.' - Derek Duncan, Screen
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