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Brigitte Bardot

ISBN 9781844574926
Publication Date April 2013
Formats Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Series Film Stars

Brigitte Bardot's rise from fashion model and film starlet to global celebrity was meteoric and unprecedented: after her breakthrough role in Et Dieu ... créa la femme in 1956, audiences the world over rushed to see her films. Predating Beatlemania, she provoked mass hysteria: paparazzi stalked her, journalists, sociologists and novelists wrote about her; young women imitated her style. All at once sex bomb, radical proto-feminist and scandalous figurehead of a hedonistic and sexually free lifestyle, 'B.B.' was France's first mass-media star.

In this original and illuminating study, film scholar and Bardot fan Ginette Vincendeau explores the star's complex and revolutionary
image of femininity, her film career and her lasting and controversial celebrity. Analysing all Bardot's output, encompassing popular
comedies and melodramas, work with New Wave directors Louis Malle and Jean-Luc Godard, and international productions such
as Dear Brigitte (1965) and Shalako (1968), Vincendeau shows how Bardot's enduring fame is based on her status as a sexual, lifestyle, musical, and fashion role model and even, in her guise as Marianne, the emblem of the French Republic, an icon of national
identity. Finally, she considers the ageing Bardot's continued prominence in popular culture through her own writings and animal rights activism, arguing that, as well as a glamorous film star, Bardot was one of the inventors of modern celebrity.

GINETTE VINCENDEAU is Professor in Film Studies at King's College London. Her publications include La Haine (2005), Jean-Pierre
Melville: An American in Paris
(2003) and Stars and Stardom in French Cinema (2000). She co-edited The French New Wave: Critical Landmarks (2009) with Peter Graham and, with Alastair Phillips, A Companion to Jean Renoir (2013) and Journeys of Desire: European Actors in Hollywood (2006). She is the editor of the Cine-Files French Film Guides series and a regular contributor to Sight & Sound.

1 Fashion Model, Pin-Up, Starlet: How Bardot was created
2 The Turning Point: Et Dieu ... crea la femme
3 Bardolatrie, Bardology, Bardography, Bardomania: The full force of the Bardot myth
4 Stardom Recycled, Exploited, Analysed
5 Post-Cinematic Bardot: French woman, international icon


'A serious and well-researched account of Brigitte Bardot as a movie star and cultural phenomenom.' - Sight & Sound
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