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A Brief Introduction to Social Work Theory

ISBN 9780230233126
Publication Date June 2009
Formats Paperback Ebook 
Publisher Palgrave

Learning about social work theory is a bit like hot air ballooning – it's about looking at the world from above and going on a voyage of discovery to find out what guides social work practice.
In 25 clearly labelled chapters, this book explains and discusses social work theory in a crisp, clear and accessible way. Whether you're a student, a newly qualified social worker or a 'seasoned' professional you will find plenty in this book to inform, enlighten and refresh you. Written by David Howe, one of the top British writers in social work, his simple, easy-to-read style makes this text ideal for quick reference in lectures, on placement or in practice.
A Brief Introduction to Social Work Theory manages to be both compact and comprehensive. You will return to this 'can't live without it' text time and time again.

DAVID HOWE OBE is Professor of Social Work at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK. He was founding editor of the Blackwell Science Journal, Child and Family Social Work (1996-2001) and is author of many books, including: Attachment Theory for Social Work Practice; Attachment Theory, Child Maltreatment and Family Support; Child Abuse and Neglect: Attachment, Development and Intervention; and The Emotionally Intelligent Social Worker.

Social Work Theory
Casework and Social Reform
Cause and Function
Psychoanalytic Theory
Attachment Theory
Behavioural Therapies
Cognitive Therapies
Cognitive-Behavioural Social Work
Task-centred work
Be Responsible, Think Positive
Solution-focused Approaches
The Strengths Perspective
Systemic and Ecological Approaches
Radical Social Work
Critical Social Work
Feminist Social Work
Anti-oppressive Practices and Empowerment
Relationship-based Social Work
Person-centred Approaches
Reflection and Reflexivity
Brains for Social Workers
Critical Best Practice
The Best in Theory.


A comprehensive yet concise introduction to social work theory. A must for every social work student.' - Martin Sheedy, Lecturer at Liverpool John Moore's University, UK
'An excellent text that is 'non-threatening' for new students, who can gain an overall picture of the range of theory available to them.' - Kay Wall, Lecturer at North East Worcestershire College, UK
'A wonderous handbook, excellent.' - Nigel Horner, Lecturer at University of Lincoln, UK
'Howe clearly explains his aspiration for this book, stating that he hopes it will 'excite' the reader, and excite it does. I would highly recommend that you chose this title for your collection, and refer to it often in your attempts to understand human beings and the situations they find themselves within.' - Community Care
'useful for all social work educators and researchers who have tended to adopt, sometimes uncritically, the latest 'truths' in theory and practice emerging from the English-speaking world, to read Howe's book and perhaps avoid the pitfalls of accepting single theories or models of practice that might not fit their contexts.' - European Journal of Social Work
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