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A-Z of Housing

ISBN 9781137366733
Publication Date July 2015
Formats Paperback Ebook 
Publisher Palgrave
Series Professional Keywords

This book provides an accessible and up-to-date overview of the current debates and discussions in housing policy and practice. It acts as a source of reference for anyone studying or working in the housing field; from social policy studies to town planning.

David Garnett is currently Chair of Two Rivers Housing. He is co-author, with John Perry, of Housing Finance, published by the Chartered Institute of Housing in a revised edition in 2005. He is an experienced university lecturer, having been principal lecturer in Housing Finance at University of West of England, Bristol, and has extensive experience as a trainer, consultant, examiner and higher education manager.

Accounts (Interpretation Of)
Affordability (Includes Affordable Housing, Affordable Rent, Affordable Price)
Allocations (Includes Choice Based Lettings And Homelessness)
Anti-Social Behaviour
Asset Management (Including Whole Life Costing)
Audit (Sub Divisions: Internal Audit, External Audit)
Business Plans
Capital and Revenue (Distinction)
Care and Support
Consultants (Use Of)
Continuous Improvement (Of Service Delivery) background-origin: initial; background-clip: initial;">
Culture (Of Business)
Engagement (Including Participation)
Evidence-Based Policy
Environmental Sustainability (Includes Green Housing)
Equity (In Property Includes Equity Release)
Financial Planning and Management (Includes Viability And Debt Profiling)
Government Policy
Home Ownership
Housing Market
Housing Need And Demand (Including Need Assessment)
Housing Standards
Inclusion (Includes Financial And Digital Inclusion)
Local Government
Low Cost Home Ownership (Including Shared Ownership)
Low Income Households
Merit Goods And Services
Neighbourhoods and Communities (Includes Localism)
Nudge Theory
Obsolescence (Including Repairs And Maintenance, Refurbishment And Renewal)
Partnerships (Includes Inter-Agency Working)
Performance Monitoring
Planning Gain (Including Contractors' Contributions And Section 106 Agreements)
Private Renting
Proprietary And Non-Proprietary Interests
Risk And Uncertainty (Analysis And Management)
Rural Housing
Short-Termism (Including Whole Life Costing And Life Cycle Costing)
Social Housing (Sub Divisions: Council Housing, Housing Associations, Almos)
Social Justice (Including Intergenerational Justice)
Social Responsibility (Contrasted With Shared Value)
Social Returns On Investment (SROI) (Including Social Dividends)
Social Enterprise
Sources Of Finance
Strategic Thinking and Planning (Distinction Between)
Subsidies (Ways Of Categorising)
Tenancy Agreements (Sub Divisions: Assured, Assured Short Hold)
Value (Including Existing Use And Open Market)
Value For Money
Welfare (Including Welfare Reform).


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