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Aggression and Violence

Approaches to Effective Management

ISBN 9780333622513
Publication Date June 1999
Formats Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave

Aggression and violence directed towards staff in the caring services is a growing problem, and one that is receiving increasing attention. Despite the interest and concern, few successful approaches to the subject have been devised, leaving the majority of staff feeling vulnerable. This book addresses the issue of violence from a theoretical, organisational, legal and practice perspective in order to provide a framework for future practice in this area. Particular attention is paid to the provision of support for victims.

JOHN TURNBULL is Director of Nursing at Oxfordshire Learning Disability Health Trust. He has extensive experience as a practitioner, researcher and manager in the field of Learning Disability and has published widely on a range of topics. His previous post was that of Nursing Officer at the Department of Health.

BRODIE PATERSON is a Lecturer in the Department of Nursing and Midwifery at the University of Stirling. An experienced teacher and practitioner, he has been involved for many years in research, publication and practice development in the field of managing aggression and violence.

Introduction; J.Turnbull & B.Paterson
Violence to Staff: Who is at Risk?; J.Turnbull
Theoretical Approaches to Violence and Aggression; J.Turnbull
Legal and Ethical Issues in the Management of Aggression and Violence; B.Paterson & C.Tringham
Verbal Abuse; R.Wondrak
De-Escalation in the Management of Aggression and Violence: Towards Evidence-Based Practice; B.Paterson & D.Leadbetter
Managing Physical Violence; B.Paterson & D.Leadbetter
Providing Staff with Adequate Support: Health Workers as Survivors of Assault and Aggression; V.Bowie
A System of Education and Training for the Care and Management of People with Special Needs who Display Violent or Dangerous Behaviours; C.Beacock
The Role of the Manager; J.Turnbull.


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