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Applied Translation Studies

ISBN 9781137606082
Publication Date November 2017
Formats Paperback Ebook 
Publisher Palgrave

This textbook is a practical and interactive reader designed to give anyone interested in language and communication a rigorous yet accessible head-start to the emerging field of translation. Organised along neat paradigms and models, the book features fresh applications of a wide range of theories, drawing on authentic examples from a multitude of languages. With its strong emphasis on how translation operates in real-world situations, the book is a useful reference not only for students, instructors, and practitioners of translation, but also for the general reader who is curious about the intricacies of communicating across languages and cultures.

Tong King Lee is an applied linguist based at the University of Hong Kong. He is a NAATI-accredited professional translator, with several years’ experience in translation research and teaching as well as language consultancy. He is the author of the monographs Experimental Chinese Literature: Translation, Technology, Poetics (2015) and Translating the Multilingual City: Crosslingual Practices and Language Ideology (2013), and has published widely in leading international journals on applied linguistics and translation studies, including Applied Linguistics Review, Target, Translation Studies, The Translator, and Meta.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Translation: Why even bother about it?
Translation studies: The applied vs. the conceptual
Applied translation studies: Three paradigms
Further reading and reflection

Chapter 2 : The Equivalence Paradigm
Topic Map
In pursuit of equivalence
Shifting between languages
Formal vs. dynamic equivalence
Dynamic equivalence at work: Some illustrations
The translator’s liberty
Semantic vs. communicative translation
(Un)translatability and its discontents
Further reading and reflection

Chapter 3: The Functionalist Paradigm
Topic Map
The uses and users of text
Text-type theory
Translatorial action
Translatorial action in crosscultural publishing: An example
Skopos theory
Translation as language solution
Further real-life applications
Translaboration (Translation + Collaboration)
On clients and end-users
Research as a component of translatorial action
Translation as genetic transfer
When books and movies travel
Translation and global marketing communications: Apple Inc.
Further reading and reflection

Chapter 4: The Discourse Paradigm
Topic Map
Discourse: A plural concept
The structure of texts: Baker’s analysis
Thematic patterning
Information structure
Cohesion: Reference, substitution/ellipsis, conjunction
Cohesion: Multimodal discourse
Register analysis: Hatim and Mason’s model
Measuring translation quality: House’s model
Case analysis of Chief Campaigner’s speech in InspiringHK 
Sports Foundation annual report
Further reading and reflection

Chapter 5: Beyond the Paradigms
Integrating the paradigms
Beyond the word
The translational: From translation to translanguaging
Moving on from the applied: Conceptual articulations


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