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Basics of Plasma Astrophysics

ISBN 9788847052796
Publication Date December 2014
Formats Hardcover Paperback Ebook 
Publisher Springer

This book is an introduction to contemporary plasma physics that discusses the most relevant recent advances in the field and covers a careful choice of applications to various branches of astrophysics and space science. The purpose of the book is to allow the student to master the basic concepts of plasma physics and to bring him or her up to date in a number of relevant areas of current research. Topics covered include orbit theory, kinetic theory, fluid models, magnetohydrodynamics, MHD turbulence, instabilities, discontinuities, and magnetic reconnection. Some prior knowledge of classical physics is required, in particular fluid mechanics, statistical physics, and electrodynamics. The mathematical developments are self-contained and explicitly detailed in the text. A number of exercises are provided at the end of each chapter, together with suggestions and solutions.

Claudio Chiuderi is full professor of Physics at University of Firenze (Italy). Marco Velli is associate professor of Physics at University of Firenze (Italy).

From the Contents: Orbit theory
Kinetic theory of plasmas
Fluid models of plasmas
Magnetic reconnection
MHD turbulence.


“A well-presented and well-written book that aims not only to take the reader through the basics of the plasma physics needed to understand astrophysical plasmas but also to give them a taste of some of the topics of current research. It is suitable for both advanced undergraduates as well as introductory post-graduate courses. … can be strongly recommended to students of physics and astrophysics who want to find out about the plasma processes in stars and planetary magnetospheres … .” (Terry Robinson, The Observatory, April, 2016)“The aim of the authors is to bring the reader from the very basic concepts of plasma physics up to some of the more active research fields. … contains a small number of problems that should help the student to verify the degree of understanding acquired. Solutions are given for all problems. The book is intended for students with a reasonably good background in mathematics and physics at the undergraduate level, who want to orient their future activity in astrophysics.” (Claudia-Veronika Meister, zbMATH 1311.82001, 2015)
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