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Business Research

A Practical Guide for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students

Edition 3rd Edition
ISBN 9780230366985
Publication Date February 2009
Formats Ebook 
Publisher Palgrave

A practical, concise, straight forward guide. Covering the entire process from reviewing the literature to writing up results, it has balanced coverage of quantitative and qualitative methods and a practical trouble shooting section. It provides all the tools needed to successfully embark on research and applies theories to real life scenarios.

JILL COLLIS is Director, Accounting and Auditing Research Centre, Brunel University, UK
ROGER HUSSEY is Dean of the Guangzhou International Business School, China

Understanding research
Making academic decisions
Dealing with practical issues
Identifying your research paradigm
Choosing a methodology
Searching and reviewing the literature
Writing your research proposal
Collecting qualitative data
Analysing qualitative data
Collecting data for statistical analysis
Analysing data using descriptive statistics
Analysing data using inferential statistics
Writing up the research
Index of names
Index of subjects


This is a good introductory book to Business Research Methods. It manages to make very accessible a subject that is, at the same time, important for business students and difficult for them to grasp. The book is user-friendly, and the troubleshooting session at the end a must for students in difficulties with their research projects.' - Gilberto Montibeller, Department of Management, London School of Economics, UK
'With an excellent new chapter on Troubleshooting, this text remains the best-value and most easily accessible textbook for students taking a Management or Accounting degree. Thoroughly recommended.' - Richard Hull, Senior Lecturer in Management, Newcastle University Business School, UK
'The new edition of Collis& Hussey builds on the strengths of previous editions, providing a clear and accessible foundation for undergraduate and postgraduate management students in undertaking research. The authors combine a sound approach to research method with a sympathetic understanding of the practical problems that students new to individual research regularly face. The book is helpful not only for students working alone (particularly the chapters on collecting and analysing data, expanded for this edition) but also for formal research methods courses.' - Christopher Napier, Professor of Accounting, School of Management, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK
'Collis and Hussey take the beginning researcher by the hand and lead them sympathetically and lucidly through the academic maze.' - Peter Walton, Professor of Accounting, Accounting and Finance Research Unit, The Open University, UK.
'Finding a rigorous overview of the variety of research approaches can be difficult, but a broad grounding is essential if students are to make sensible choices about the relevant approach needed to answer their particular research questions. Collis and Hussey not only provide this starting point but also give signposts to the more detailed literature that will allow students to focus successfully.' - Jane Broadbent, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Professor of Accounting, Roehampton University, UK
'Business Research by Collis and Hussey offers a coherent, extremely well thought out and stimulating book on research in business. Activities and progress tests allow the text to be used in class, and also, can be used to refine one's 'knowledge' individually. I especially enjoyed the section on 'Making Academic Decisions', as having recently joined a university at post-graduate level I think the majority of my recent troubles and woes would have been made less dramatic. I have already recommended the book to many of my colleagues teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate students.
An excellent book, which can be used as a checklist for experienced researchers, or (should be) treated as a 'sacred text' by students new to research.' - Simon Parker, Postgraduate Assistant Researcher, Lincoln Business School, UK
'Comprehensive, clarifying, convincing...From front to back this book offers everything that the research student requires. Practical help is accompanied by a clear analysis of theoretical concepts. If you have struggled with research in the past this book will be a good companion for your research projects in the future.' - Elizabeth Mantzari, PhD student, University of Essex, UK
'I have used Collis and Hussey's Business Research: a Practical Guide for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students since the first edition was published in 1997. Research methods is an impenetrable topic for most students, especially undergraduates, and at the time this book filled a gap in the market, with its readable style and accessible format. I am delighted to see the third edition in updated form with progress tests and activities and a focus on the practical issues that student face when approaching a research project for the first time. The main strength of the work remains the strong student focus, helping them to make sense of the different referencing systems and copious tips and advice on all aspects of preparing a dissertation or thesis. It is also extremely useful for students preparing their research proposal, which is a key component for the successful completion of any project. The inclusion of screen shots and output files from the latest version of SPSS (16.0), the main quantitative analytical package used in business schools is also a very helpful feature of the third edition.' - Professor Neil Marriott, Dean, Winchester Business School & Hoare Chair of Business, UK
Praise for the second edition of Business Research
'I purchased your book some time ago and am now in the throes of a dissertation at Sheffield University. I just wanted to say thank you for writing such a wonderful book that explains everything really logically and is also inspiring and interesting! Yes, I never thought I would say that about research methods! It's worth every penny!' - Donna O'Brien, euphoric, nearly-finished dissertation student, Sheffield University, UK
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