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Crime Victims

Theory, Policy and Practice

Edition 2nd Edition
ISBN 9781137505323
Publication Date January 2017
Formats Paperback Hardcover 
Publisher Palgrave

From white-collar to environmental crime, and hate crime to sexual violence, the study of victims and of the processes of victimisation is indispensable to understanding the full scale of the effects of crime in society. In this book, Basia Spalek offers a theoretically detailed and empirically rich account of how victimology has developed into a field that transcends academic disciplines and brings together researchers, practitioners, activists and community members.

This second edition of Crime Victims continues to be a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the historical, social, political and cultural issues and trends in approaches to victims and victimisation. It introduces victimological theory, explores the impacts of crime on victims, and the challenges involved in developing victim support services. In addition, acknowledging the increasing recognition of trauma as central to understanding victimisation, it includes a therapeutic toolkit for victims, offenders and practitioners working in and with the criminal justice system.

With Cutting Edge Research and Case Study sections added at the end of each chapter to highlight victimology as a vibrant and continuously developing field, Crime Victims is an essential resource to a broad audience, ranging from students of victimology, criminology and sociology to practitioners and professionals.

Basia Spalek is Professor in Conflict Transformation at the Department of Therapeutic Practice at the University of Derby, UK. She has spent over twenty years researching victimization, terrorism and community-based responses to violence, and is a registered and practicing psychotherapist with her own private practice: www.connect-and-reflect.org.uk

1. Introducing Victimology: victimhood, social justice and trauma
2. A History of Victimology
3. Exploring Victimisation through Social Harm
4. Victimology and Psychological Traumatology
5. Researching Victimisation and Trauma
6. State-based Responses to Victimisation
7. Self-help Responses to Victimisation
8. Victims' Rights and Challenges for Practitioners
9. A Toolkit for Victims, Offenders and Practitioners
10. Future Developments and Implications.


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