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Emotional Development and Families

Socialization across the lifespan

ISBN 9781137356321
Publication Date September 2017
Formats Paperback Ebook 
Publisher Palgrave

This lively and engaging book conducts a thorough review of the current research literature in developmental psychology and socialisation, and then clearly links theory to practical applications in both clinical and everyday situations.

Life’s first important lessons on how to handle emotions often emerge early on within family relationships, forming the foundation for emotional development over the life-span. Couples, siblings, parents and extended family members all have profound influences on each other's emotional lives as well as on the lives of the children they are socialising.

Emotional Development and Families:

  • Provides a comprehensive and accessible introduction to how emotional experiences, expressions, and regulation are socialised within families
  • Takes an international and cross-cultural approach to a complex and nuanced topic
  • Combines classic studies with contemporary evidence-based research to demonstrate how biology, the environment, and development interact.

Filled with a wealth of resources and suggestions for further reading, this book is ideal for students of developmental psychology, family studies, social work, counselling, education studies and clinical psychology.

Julie Hakim-Larson is Professor of Clinical Child Psychology at the University of Windsor, Canada. She teaches courses on emotional development, developmental psychopathology, and history of psychology.

  1. Introduction: Emotional Development and Socialization in Families
  2. Methodological Issues in the Study of Emotional Development in Families
  3. The Developmental Neurobiology of Emotion and Consciousness
  4. Variations in Temperament among Family Members
  5. Culture and Emotion in Families
  6. Emotion-Related Parental Beliefs, Goals, and Values
  7. Non-Verbal Emotional Expressions in the Family Context
  8. Self-Esteem and the Self-Conscious Emotions
  9. Verbal Emotional Expressions and Communication in the Family Context
  10. Emotion Regulation and Coping in Families
  11. A Developmental Psychopathology Approach to Emotion in Families
  12. Emotional Resilience in Families: From Research to Prevention and Everyday Life


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