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Europe in a Global Context

ISBN 9780230285828
Publication Date March 2012
Formats Hardcover Ebook Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave

Rethinking familiar frameworks and exploring new perspectives, this book provides a much-needed analysis of European culture, society and politics in a global context. With contributors from across the social sciences and thehumanities, this book highlights key topics and assesses the open ended question of Europe's place in a global age.

ANNE SOPHIE KROSSA is Associate Professor in Sociology at the University of Siegen, Germany. She has published widely on the topics of Europe and globalization, both from a sociological and an interdisciplinary perspective. She is also a member of the Lancaster Research Group on Europe and Globalisation, a group of over thirty Lancaster-based researchers from a wide range of subjects and departments.

Introduction; A.S.Krossa
Introduction to Part I; C.Grocott & A.S.Krossa
Culture; K.Naglo & A.Waine
History; S.Barber
Ideology; C.Grocott
Philosophy; G.Williams
Literature; R.Cranshaw
Poltical Culture; M.Garnett
Introduction to Part II; G.Williams & A.S.Krossa
Society; A.S.Krossa
Religion; L.Woodhead & R.Catto
Gender; T.Grimwood
Race and Ethnicity; A.Kallis
Language; K.Naglo
Law and Human Rights; I.Butler
Introduction to Part III ; G.Clark & A.S.Krossa
Governance; B.Jessop
Nation and State; B.Jessop
Region; G.Clark
Conflict; N.Caspersen
Migration; N.Gill
Social Policy; M.Beisyte.


The book does a fine job at setting contemporary Europe in almost every possible way without 'dumbing down' complex topics. It really addresses the question of what Europe is in an excellent and enormously readable style. A unique book and a real gift to lecturers and students trying to make sense of today's Europe.' - George Ross, ad personam Chaire Jean Monnet, Université de Montréal, Canada, Morris Hillquit Professor Emeritus in Labor and Social Thought, Brandeis University, US, Faculty Associate, Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies, Harvard University, US and former chair of the European Studies Association
'Atruly excellent text, both admirably organized and edited. The individual chapters are of exemplary quality both with respect to their contents and their clarity of expression. Above all this book is highly original in its global contextualization of Europe and of European studies.' urgh, USA and University of Aberdeen, UK
'A rich and inspiring source of information and analysis for students on the many facets of Europe. The book is unique in approaching Europe from a global perspective, asking for the interplay between the national, European and global level in shaping European cultures, societies and polities.'- Christian Lahusen, Professor of Sociology, Universität Siegen, Germany
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