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Film Marketing into the Twenty-First Century

ISBN 9781844578412
Publication Date October 2015
Formats Ebook Hardcover Paperback 
Publisher British Film Institute

How do you sell British humour to a French audience? Could piracy actually be good for the film business? Why are The Hobbit's revolutionary technologies not mentioned in some adverts? Exploring these questions and many more, Film Marketing into the Twenty-First Century draws on insights from renowned film academics and leading industry professionals to chart the evolution of modern film marketing.

The first part of the book focuses on geographical considerations, showing how marketers have to adapt their strategies locally as films travel across borders. The second covers new marketing possibilities offered by the Internet, as Vine, Facebook and other participative websites open new venues for big distributors and independents alike. Straddling practical and theoretical concerns and including case studies that take us from Nollywood to Peru, this book provides an accessible introduction to the key issues at stake for film marketing in a global era.

Joel Augros is Associate Professor of Film at the Université Paris 8 - Vincennes, France.

Nolwenn Mingant is Associate Professor of American Studies at the Université de Nantes, France. She is the author of Hollywood à la conquête du monde: Marché, stratégies, influences (2010). She is a co-founding member of research group CinEcoSA and co-organizer of research seminar MENA Cinema.

Cecilia Tirtaine is Senior Lecturer in British Studies at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3, France. She is a co-founding member of research group CinEcoSA, and a co-founder and associate editor of peer-reviewed international online journal InMedia.

Notes on Contributors
Foreword; Janet Wasko
Introduction; Nolwenn Mingant, Cecilia Tirtaine and Joel Augros
1. 'My job is to find the right signals at the right moment for the right people': An interview with Benoît Mely; Laurent Creton and Nolwenn Mingant
2. 'There is no one-shape-fits-all for film': An interview with Michael Williams-Jones; Nolwenn Mingant
3. Tom Cruise and Burj Khalifa, or How Hollywood Marketing Shapes Film Production; Nolwenn Mingant
4. 'My Big Fat Life In Ruins': US Indie Films and the Marketing of 'Greekness'; Lydia Papadimitriou and Yannis Tzioumakis
5. Carry On Laughing: Selling English Humour in France; Cecilia Tirtaine and Joël Augros
6. Dubbing and Marketing in the Ice Age series: A case study by Nolwenn Mingant
7. Hollywood in China: Continuities and Disjunctures in Film Marketing; Michael Curtin, Wesley Jacks, Yongli Li
8. Film Marketing in Nollywood: A case study by Alessandro Jedlowski
9. Marketing High Frame Rate in The Hobbit trilogy: A Spectacular Case of Promoting and Un-promoting New Cinema Technology; Miriam Ross
10. Niche Marketing in Peru: An Interview with Claudia Zavaleta; Nolwenn Mingant
11. Leaked Information and Rumours: The Buz Effect: A case study by Joël Augros
12. Brave New Films, Brave New Ways: The Internet and the Future of Low-to-no Budget Film Distribution and Marketing; Hayley Trowbridge
13. Between Storytelling and Marketing: SocialSamba: An Interview with Aaron Williams; Nolwenn Mingant
14. Promoting in Six Seconds: New Advertising Strategies Using Video Social Network Vine: A case study by Javier Lozano Delmar and José Antonio Muñiz
15. Piracy and Promotion: Understanding the Double-Edged Power of Crowds; Ramon Lobato
16. Marketing Bait (2012): Using SMART Data to Identify E-guanxi Among China's 'Internet Aborigines' ; Brian Yecies, Jie Yang, Matthew Berryman and Kai Soh
17. From Marketing to Performing the Market: The Emerging Role of Digital Data; Michael Franklin, Dimitrinka Stoyanova Russell and Barbara Townley
18. Marketing the 'Avatar Revolution', or How to Sell Digital Technology to Exhibitors; Kira Kitsopanidou
19. 'It's Africa. It's Arizona. It's Antarctica. It's Afghanistan. Actually, it's Alberta': Marketing Locations to Film Producers; Ben Goldsmith
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