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Hollywood Abroad: Audiences and Cultural Exchange

ISBN 9781844570515
Publication Date September 2007
Formats Paperback 
Publisher British Film Institute

Hollywood Abroad is the first book to examine the reception of Hollywood movies by non-American audiences. Although numerous books on film history have analyzed the ways in which American films came to dominate world markets, there has so far been very little published work on how audiences outside the United States have responded to Hollywood-produced films. Hollywood Abroad explores the reception of U.S. films in Britain, France, Belgium, Turkey, Australia, India, Japan, and Central Africa. The book covers topics from the first major penetration of American films into France, Britain, and Australia to the impact of such films as The Best Years of Our Lives to the response of Belgian young people in the age of the multiplex. It demonstrates that the story of the reception of American films overseas is less one of domination than of a complex adoption of Hollywood into various cultures.

Melvyn Stokesteaches American history and film history at University College, London.Richard Maltbyis Professor of Screen Studies and Head of Humanities at Flinders University in South Australia.

1.Introduction: The Americanization of the World; Richard Maltby
2. The Reception of American Films in France, c. 1910-1920; Raphaelle Costa de Beauregard and Melvyn Stokes;
3. 'A Great American Sensation': Thomas Ince's Civilization at The Palladium, Southampton, 1917; Michael Hammond
4. A balanced show: the Australian picture theatre manager at work in 1922; Anne Bittner
5. Cowboys, jaffas and pies: researching cinema-going in the Illawarra; Nancy Huggett and Kate Bowles
6. Hollywood and the Multiple Constituencies of Colonial India; Priya Jaikumar
7. 'Home of American Movies': Subaru Za and the Making of Hollywood's Audiences in Occupied Tokyo, 1946-1949; Hiroshi Kitamura
8. The Making of Our America: Hollywood in a Turkish context; Nezih Erdogan
9. Popular Films and Colonial Audiences in Central Africa; Charles Ambler
10. 'It's the language of film!': Young film audiences on Hollywood and Europe; Philippe Meers.


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