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Human Resource Development

Practices and Orthodoxies

ISBN 9780230292277
Publication Date October 2013
Formats Paperback Ebook 
Publisher Palgrave
Series Management, Work and Organisations

Brings together international experts in human resource development to critically re-examine some central contemporary concepts and practices in the subject.

John Walton is Professor in Human Resource Development (HRD) in the London Metropolitan University Business School, UK.
Claire Valentin is a Lecturer and Programme Director in the Dept of Higher and Community Education at the University of Edinburgh, UK.

Introduction: Framing contemporary HRD practice and theory; J. Walton and C. Valentin
1. Workplace Learning Theories and Practices; R. Poell
2. Experiential Learning and Learning Cycles: Towards an Integrative Perspective; J. Gold and R. Yeo
3. Positive and Critical: Enhancing Constructive Critical Reflection in Groups; M. van Woerkom and Saskia Tjepkema
4. Learning Styles and Cogitive Styles in Human Resource Development; Eugene Sadler-Smith
5. Neuro-Linguistic Programming: A Case of Unorthodox Knowledge in HRD?; P. Tosey
6. Behavioural Modelling; D. Russ-Eft
7. Career Interest Inventories in Times of Change; L. Hite and K. McDonald
8. The Myth of Aging and Decline: Career Development and Employability of Older Workers; T. Rocco, J.G.L. Thijssen and R. Githens
9. Boundaryless and Protean Careers in a Knowledge Economy; P. Kuchinke
10. Action Learning for Team and Organisation Development; C. Rigg
11. Facilitating Group Learning Through Scenario Planning; D. Thursfield
12. A Critique of Outdoor Team Development; J. Walton
13. Employee Engagement Interventions: HRD, Groups and Teams; C. Valentin.


This book provides an excellent read for students studying HRD and provides opportunities to stretch and develop those with enquiring minds.' - Dr. Fiona Robson, Senior Lecturer in Organisation and HRM, Northumbria University, UK
'This book truly reflects the changing nature of HRD in the complex world of the 21st century. It provides insight and critique of the main aspects of HRD and how they enhance the quality of the workforce and thereby organisational competitive advantage.' - Associate Professor Peter Holland, Director of Post–Graduate Human Resource Management Programs, Monash University, Australia'
This book will appeal to reflective and reflexive practitioners who want a deeper insight into core concepts and constructs in order to challenge and develop the theorizing and practice of HRD. The book brings together influential scholars in the field of HRD who offer critical reviews of HRD theory and practice. In doing so, they challenge many taken for granteds and provide a deeper insight into contemporary HRD.' - Dr. Aileen Lawless, Senior Lecturer in HRM, Liverpool John Moores University, UK
'This book brings together through critical reflection a wealth of references and theoretical links in the area of Human Resource Development. For a serious student of this field there will be both additional writers to explore and new ideas. The book is very clearly written and readable. An excellent grounding in key theories in this area of making learning work.' - Derek Miles, Professor of Human Resource Development, Middlesex University, UK
'A thought-provoking text drawing on a range of theoretical and methodological perspectives, encouraging a critical, reflexive interpretation of key contemporary challenges within the field of HRD. An accessible book entirely appropriate to MBA and Masters student as well as practitioners seeking alternative perspectives in consideration of HRD.' - Darren Caudle, Principal Lecturer in HRM, University of Gloucestershire, UK
'Adopting an insightful and critical approach to HRD concepts, practices and orthodoxies, this text is a timely contribution for students, teachers and practitioners in the field.' - Dr. Karin Mathison, Lecturer in Human Resource Development, University of Tasmania, Australia
'Walton and Valentin have assembled a treasure-trove of exquisite ideas that is capable of unleashing the full potential of professionals to open their minds further to the mysteries of human learning, development and performance within global contexts.' - Professor Francesco Sofo, University of Canberra, Australia
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