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Key Sociological Thinkers

Second Edition

Edition 2nd Edition
ISBN 9780230001565
Publication Date November 2007
Formats Hardcover Ebook 
Publisher Palgrave

The second edition of this popular and established text provides a comprehensive guide to 23 of the most influential thinkers in sociology. Written by leading academics in the field, Key Sociological Thinkers 2e provides a clear and contextualized introduction to classical and contemporary theory.

Each chapter offers an insightful assessment of a different theorist, exploring their lives, works and legacies. Drawing upon examples from the everyday world, an innovative 'Seeing Things Differently' section in every chapter demonstrates how theoretical ideas can be used to illuminate aspects of social life in new ways.

Included in this new edition:
• Four new chapters, looking at Theodor Adorno, Michael Mann, Dorothy Smith and Zygmunt Bauman
• Chapter updates on recent developments
• An important new introduction
• Three types of contents page to provide easy navigation of the text
• Useful glossary boxes throughout, with their own dedicated contents page, to highlight and explain complex theoretical ideas.

Key Sociological Thinkers 2e provides a stimulating overview of the best of sociological thought, from Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim and Georg Simmel to Nancy Chodorow, Michel Foucault and Anthony Giddens. It continues to be an essential text for all students of sociological theory.

Rob Stones is Professor of Sociology in the School of Social Sciences and Psychology, Western Sydney University. He has a broad interest in social, sociological and political theory, their application in empirical research, and their importance to serious reflection on public issues. He has pioneered the version of structuration theory known as strong structuration theory (SST), designed to guide empirical case study research and adopted in diverse areas. His books include Sociological Reasoning (1996), Structuration Theory (2005), and Why Current Affairs Needs Social Theory (2015). He is the editor of two book series with Palgrave Macmillan, Themes in Social Theory and Traditions in Social Theory

Introduction; R.Stones
How to Use This Book; R. Stones
Seeing Things Differently: An Alternative Contents List
List of Glossary Boxes
Karl Marx; B.Jessop
Max Weber; L.A.Scaff
Emile Durkheim; W.Pope
Georg Simmel; P.Watier
Herbert Blumer; K.Plummer
Theodor Adorno; M.O'Neill
Talcott Parsons; R.Holton
Robert K. Merton; A.Sica
Norbert Elias; J.Hughes
Erving Goffman; R.Williams
David Lockwood; N.Mouzelis
Harold Garfinkel; J.Heritage
Louis Althusser; T.Benton
Nancy Chodorow; K.A.Martin
Jurgen Habermas; W.Outhwaite
Pierre Bourdieu; L.Wacquant
Michel Foucault; L.Barth
Stuart Hall; M.Barrett
Dorothy E. Smith; K.Widerberg
Anthony Giddens; I.J.Cohen.

Michele Barrett
Lawrence Barth
Ted Benton
Tony Blackshaw
Ira J. Cohen
Robert Holton
Jason Hughes
Bob Jessop
Karin Martin
Nicos Mouzelis
Maggie O'Neill
William Outhwaite
Ken Plummer
Whitney Pope
Lawrence A. Scaff
Ralph Schroeder
Alan Sica
Loic Wacquant
Patrick Watier
Karin Widerberg
Robin Williams
Simon Williams


"[This] book is very well organized, clear in its argument about the importance of social theory, and approachable to sociologists at almost any level....Rob Stones and the 23 contributors to the second edition of Key Sociological Thinkers have created an informative and exciting exploration of the most important persons in the formation of current sociological thought. The book is an excellent resource for teaching because of its focus on connecting complex theory to applicable daily life and complex social theory" - Todd. M. Callais, Denison University, USA, in 'Teaching Sociology'.
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