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Localising Hollywood

ISBN 9781844576883
Publication Date July 2017
Formats Hardcover Ebook Paperback 
Publisher British Film Institute
Series International Screen Industries

Hollywood has a complex relationship with local markets around the world. This critical yet accessible overview of Hollywood’s local presence investigates the dynamic between the studios’ film entertainment divisions and individual media markets – exploring how their position, partnerships and practices function in an era characterised by globalisation, digitisation and convergence.

Engaging with key scholarly and industrial debates, the book incorporates first-hand accounts gathered from extensive fieldwork and research. It addresses a wide range of international operations, from creative partnerships and production strategies to promotional and distribution processes. With a particular focus on Europe and Latin America, the text interrogates earlier notions of a ‘global Hollywood’ and globalisation, where media conglomerates were viewed as economically rational or all-powerful organisations. By exploring how decision-making processes and creative negotiations between Hollywood media executives and local forces operate, it reveals the complex picture of filmmaking and circulation in today’s supposedly globalised and digitised societies.

Courtney Brannon Donoghue is Assistant Professor of Cinema Studies at Oakland University, USA. She has published a number of articles and book chapters on Brazilian film and cinema, contemporary Spanish cinema, and local language productions.

Introduction: Hollywood's Global Footprint
1. History of International Operations (1900s-1970s)
2. Conglomerate Hollywood and International Operations (1980s-2016)
3. Local Studio Operations: Country Managers and the Local-lanugage Production Process
4. International Media Hubs: Studio Production Cultures and Local Infrastructure
5. The Motion Picture Association and its Member Studios: Policy, Piracy, ad Promotion
6. Local Blockbusters and Media Franchising: Convergence and Cross-Media
Conclusion: Local Places, Global Spaces


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