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Men and Social Work

Theories and Practices

ISBN 9780333690833
Publication Date March 2001
Formats Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave

The relationships between men and social work are contentious because men are under represented as social workers and over represented in social work management. Also, most social work service users are women and children, and social workers often deal with the direct and indirect consequences of men's violence.

The question of men and the social work profession emerged in the literature in the mid-1980s but nowhere has the broad spectrum of critical issues been addressed in an integrated way. This book provides the first overview of the theoretical and practice issues raised when we put 'men' and 'social work' together. It introduces the key contributors to the debate so far and others who are entering the debate from their particular area of practice or academic interest. Theories of identity and gender are brought to bear on the development of the social work profession in Britain. Chapters include analyses of men's positions within the specific practice areas of child care, community care, mental health services, probation and social work education.

Men and Social Work is written for social work students, workers and academics. The book raises questions about the professional and gender identities of men social workers and offers some recommendations for practice. A new agenda for debate within the profession and the academy emerges from the critical discussions that take place in this book.

ALASTAIR CHRISTIE is Lecturer in the Department of Applied Social Studies at the National University of Ireland, Cork and an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Lancaster. He has worked as a social worker and social work manager in statutory and voluntary sectors in England and Canada.

Introduction: Themes and Issues; A.Christie
Gendered Discourses of Welfare, Men and Social Work; A.Christie
Men in Social Work: the Double-Edge; K.Pringle
Men Social Workers in Children's Services: 'Will the Real Man Please Stand Up?'; S.Hicks
Men, Social Work and Men's Violence to Women; J.Hearn
Men Probation Officers: Gender and Change in the Probation Service; J.Annison
Men and Community Care; R.Bowl
Men and Mental Health: A View from Social Work Practice; N.Phillips
Men and Social Work Education: Encountering Masculinities in Social Work Education; V.E.Cree


...a good exploration of the gendered nature of social work, specifically the impact of male power and violence on the organisation and delivery.' - Michael Murphy, Resource Coordinator, Bolton Area Child Protection Committee, Social Work Education
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