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Naughty Boys

Anti-Social Behaviour, ADHD and the Role of Culture

ISBN 9781403945112
Publication Date April 2005
Formats Paperback Ebook 
Publisher Palgrave

Boys in the West are being labelled as having psychiatric disorders, behaviour problems and special educational needs, and are receiving psychiatric drugs in ever-greater numbers. In this book, Dr Timimi argues that this crisis reflects a fundamental ambivalence that Western culture has toward children which affects boys in particular. Using material from diverse sources, the author shows how Western Society's political, social and economic value system is bad for families and children, and how positive alternatives can be found in non-Western traditions.

SAMI TIMIMI is a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist who works full time in the National Health Service in the United Kingdom in the county of Lincolnshire, having completed his psychiatry and child psychiatry trainings, and a consultant job, in London. He has previously published many articles in academic journals on a variety of topics including cross-cultural psychiatry, psychotherapy, eating disorders and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). His previous book entitled Pathological Child Psychiatry and the Medicalization of Childhood was published by Brunner-Routledge in August 2002. He has also been invited to write several articles for journals and magazines since the book was published. He has experience in teaching at universities, presenting at local and national conferences and in being interviewed by local and national media.

Is This Boy Naughty?
The Genetically Programmed Child
Carrot, Stick and Other Popular Ways of Dealing with Naughtiness
How Western Culture Encourages Anti-social Behaviour
Attention Deficit
Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): A Cultural-Political Perspective
Multi -Perspective Approaches 1: The Influence of Culture on Defining a Problem
Multi-Perspective Approaches 2: Developing Diverse Solutions
Multi-Perspective Approaches 3: Examining our Values


Timimi manages to pack a wealth of information into this book that is guaranteed to add value to any professional's knowledge base, both in terms of theoretical argument and practical application....This is one book that should adorn the book shelves of all those involved in helping children and families to cope with and manage difficult behaviour.' - Terence Edwards, Kairaranga
'For all of use who are worried about how social problems become medicalised, this is an essential read. It is not just a book about naughty boys'. - Peter Wilson, Mental Health Today'
Readers with sons of ADHD medication may dislike hearing all this. But there is now abundant evidence that the drugs have massive side effects and in many cases are just not needed. Timimi describes how using psychological treatments has meant he hardly ever has to employ them and the scientific case for chemical free treatment grows stronger by the day.' - Oliver James, Life and Health
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